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Yesterday, Brandon and I took Ryan and Josie to my house and let them go swimming. The pool water was about 87 degrees, so it was good and warm. We didn't let them go into the deep end, but we let them hang out in the shallow end for about 15 minutes or so. Ryan absolutely loved the water and cried when we took him out. Josie got in, swam around really quick and then was right back to me. She'd rather be sunbathing. :p

So Brandon and I took Ryan and Josie for their first real walk today because Josie had her last set of shots on Monday. We decided to take them to our city park since we don't have dog parks or anything like that. So, I took a goodie bag with treats, travel dish, and cold bottled water. We strapped their harnesses on them and were ready to go.

We got to the park and they were sniffing everything like crazy. Josie REALLY likes grass, too, by the way. :lol: But anyway, this woman comes up to us and says, "How old is your puppy?"
Brandon and I looked at each other and asked, "Which one?"
"The little weiner dog."
So Brandon started talking to her and she said that she had one at home. "'s not an authentic weiner dog, though. It's mommy was a Miniature Chihuahua." And I cringed. "What kind of dog is your little one?" she asked me.
"She's a Chihuahua."
"Oh. And now she won't get much bigger than that will she? I'd say not. It looks like you've got a real authentic Miniature Chihuahua."
"Well, actually--"
"I love the Chihuahua in mine. I'm glad it's got it in there. I mean, it's just the Miniature one, but it's still Chihuahua just the same. And now mine won't get much bigger than his because of the Miniature Chihuahua it had."
It was like she knew it bothered me and she was just doing it to tick me off. So this woman stands there rambling on for I don't even remember how long. She would ask questions, but never let either of us get a word in.

And then this group of kids comes running up to us. "Oh! Look at the little Chihuahua!", "Oh my gosh, how cute!", "Oh and it's got a little pink leash and collar--oh my gosh!" And they come running up to us and "Can I pet it? Can I pet your little Chihuahua?" I didn't get much time to say anything because Josie started barking and growling and they said, "Oh, I guess not." I had her hooked to her lead and on the ground, but she stayed between my feet and let them know she didn't appreciate them coming in so close. She didn't growl or bark at Chatterbox Lady, though. But then again, she didn't even try to pet her either. So after that little stint, Chatterbox says, "It's good that she does that. She can sense danger and dangerous people. She didn't want those people around you. It's good that she does that, my dog does that. I like that, it makes me feel safe. It's because it's got that Miniature Chihuahua in it. I like that it has that."

So we walked a couple of laps and were done with that for the day. Josie and Ryan seemed to have a good time, overall. I'm hoping that Brandon and I will be able to take them on lots more adventures!
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