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Sorry I haven't been very active on here lately. We've just been pretty busy. Chloe has had a couple of seizures, but I'll make a separate thread on that later.

I'm doing a 52 week picture challenge for another forum I'm on. Last week's theme was "Oh, the places you'll go." I used the first photo, but I wanted to share the others I liked, too :)

The Tracks by Chihuahuaesque, on Flickr

20110129-DSC_0086 by Chihuahuaesque, on Flickr

This harness is much too big. It's Rylie's harness, but now that Emma is almost one (turning one tomorrow) we ordered her an adult harness. I'm hoping to get it in the mail soon.

The sky was SO blue...

20110129-DSC_0085 by Chihuahuaesque, on Flickr

Follow You Down by Chihuahuaesque, on Flickr
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