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Juicy Couture carrier

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Hi there does any one no where I can buy a Juicy Couture dog carrier from,
I have seen them on Ebay but have never bought from there, I dont mind buying from USA but I do live in the UK any help much appreciated thanks

PS this will be my christmas present to me and for Izzy my Chi
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Hey there have you visited the neiman marcus site they have them there but only in gold and green, pink and green, and light pink.
ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I can't remember but I KNOW I saw them last weekend somewhere and they were on sale too.

I'm going to try and remember. AND>>>>>>>>>>>>> I know it couldn't have been to high priced because I don't look to long at the high dollar goods.....LOL I think it was around 30%or so off sale
Dog Carrier


I know you are in the UK so I am not sure what would be the equivalent, but I saw the most darling Donna Karan puppy carriers at Tuesday Morning for a really great price. If anyone is looking for one in the US, I would go there!!!!!!!!!!

juicy couture dog carries

hello, im in the uk too and have just bougtha fantastci juicy courture bag from ebay. It cost me 49 pounds!!!!! its greena and gold.
I was thinking about getting a Juicy bag from ebay as they look gorgeous and have a compartment for 'mummys' things too! :lol:
Do you think its authentic? Or worth the money anyway? :)
id check their feedback and see if they had positve feedback from selling these bags before. im looking for one but aparently they are very small and would only really suit smooth coat fur babys :( ive seen a perfect one in pets @ home to day its a petlondon authentic one its very cool only 30 pounds!
Ah ok. The pup im having is long haired. Is it because it can trap the hair in this style of bag? :)
hi all iv had a few different designer carriers the juicy one was for the smaller dog the best one i have had is the louis vuitton its roomy and always looks the part the juicy ones are lovely but really need to have bit more space
hiya iv now got the gussi carrier its so fab well roomy as well
Those are brilliant and SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO cheap Im going to get one :D
i know how cheap i just e mailed them wow i getting me a bag as well or maybe a few ha ha
this is brill Im going to sticky this so we dont loose it lol :lol:
i so wanna get the fairy tale bad and the day dreamer and the pet carrier iv e mailed am waiting for response as dunno how to order
oooh let us know when youve spoken to them :wave:
will do cant belive its so cheap and the more you buy the cheaper it is as its on whole sale only thing is seeing if they post to uk
yeah you watch, after al this we wont be able to get one lol :lol:
dont say that im praying for a e mail from them ha lol
ozzy and lilys mum- he just got back to me if you buy one or two items its $38 dollers shipping but if you buy more its free shipping yay
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