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Retails for $78, selling for $40

Daydreamer bag with 'Juicy Couture' in rhinestones. I always take a photo everytime I get a new Juicy bag, so these pics are about 1 month old, but bag has only been used once. Bought for about $250 (retail price is $228, plus tax), and am selling for $100.

It is not a velour daydreamer, I believe it is terrycloth material, which I didn't know Juicy made some of their Daydreamers like this.

I accept Paypal, and am willing to ship outside of the US if you are willing to pay the fee the postal office charges me.

Shipping to US residents:
$4.00 for the wallet
$8.00 for the handbag
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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