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Jumping Chi's

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Ive been reading through all the posts and whats stood out to me a lot is not to let Chi's jump much as they have weak joints and what not.
And it got me thinking, because Peppy is ALWAYS jumping. If he wants to to get up somewhere, he works out what he can jump on to get up there but after reading all the posts its got me a bit worried.
Should I be worry as much even though he is only half chi :?:
If so how can i deter him from jumping :?:
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I cant stop mine they jump and bound off and onto everything - especially when they go off on one and run around like maniacs :D
You cant really just try and stay on top of them and make sure you let them down off couches etc as much as possible!!
I agree, you cannot be there 100% of the time and stop them from jumping but you should watch them and see where they are jumping and how you can stop them. Tequila jumpes everywhere, but she also is in agility...she is pretty sturty for a chi so I dont worry as much. Ginger on the other hand is so tiny and loves to jump down stairs (as she runs downstairs she jumps from the third stair from the bottom to the floor....this is bad so now I pick her up before she goes downstairs. I also keep her from jumping off the couches by training her not to...basically have trained her to come to me to get off the couch...took a long time.
Good point about steps, Kemo has fallen down steps sooooo many times he has to be carried 100% of the time now. :shock:
Im glad I dont have any steps! My boyfriend does though and the first day I got him I took Peppy over there and my bf had him climbing the stairs :shock:
I was more worried he was going to fall through them. Ill keep him away from the stairs from now on!
I try to keep willy from jumping as much as i can but the lil bugger has a mind of his own and i dont think you can stop them 100% but you can try... Good luck..
:lol: I guess chi loves to jump.

Cookie is a mix of chi and jc.. and he loves to jump. Especially when he is hyper or when he knew we are going to give him treat. I can't stop him, even if i hug him, he will wiggle and wiggle. :lol:
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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