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jumping on my head!

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zoey has this annoying habit of jumping on our heads. :roll: if i'm laying on the couch, she'll walk up behind me and walk ON TOP of my head to get past me. it's very annoying and i don't know how to stop it!! also if i'm sitting in front of a chair or couch, she will climb up my body to get up on the chair. ALSO very annoying. and sometimes it hurts because of her little claws!

HELP! it's driving me nuts! :angry1:
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My only advice addresses Zoey using your body as a ladder: If you can see that she wants to come up and join you wherever you are sitting, just pick her up whenever she's about to start climbing. (Unless, of course, you do not want her to come up). :)
no no, she does it when i'm sitting on the floor and she wants up on the chair -- where no one is sitting! she uses me as a ladder. sometimes i cant even tell when she's gonna do it.... :shock:
Auggie does that too but it doesn't bother me. When he is on the couch with me he either lays or my lap or walks up me to lay on the pillow behind my head. Weird though, sometimes he just stands up on the pillow and puts his front paws on top of my head and stands there. It is just silly! :D
:laughing9: I wondered what the deal was with Barbie. She likes to rest on my shoulder like a parrot!!! It's funny. And sometimes if I am reclining she will go to sleep up there. I must admit I like it, because I cuddle closer to her. But the funny part if that sometimes she rubs herself all over the front of my nect and wants to play around my shoulders????? Anybody else have these funny behaviours?
we call zoey a little parrot too!! how funny.... :lol: i dunno why they like to rest on our shoulders... but i do like it!
Sandy likes to sleep on my shoulder while I am sitting at the computer.
Tequila HAS to sit on my shoulder when I am on the couch watching TV...its so cute...when she was smaller she was able to curl up and sleep on my shoulder (with the couch supporting her from behind) but now she is too big so she just lies her butt on the back of the couch and her front end is one my shoulder...she then lies her head up against my head and tries to sleep...i would swear that would have to be uncomfortable for her but she always does it...its sure uncomfortable for
Cookie has not done any of those thing yet. The only thing that he done is sitting on your foot so that you can't move and then he can sleep on it :lol:
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