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Little Chanelka :flower:

Chanel & Rocky :love2:


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Thank you! :) She's got a nice coat, I can't wait to see what it looks like once
it's complete. Chanel is only 9 months, so there is still plenty of time for it to
grow even fluffier!

Rocky & Benji are Basenji, a wild African breed. Extremely high energy and
stubborn. Definitely not for novice dog owners. In the wrong hands they
are a royal pain in the bum, toughest breed to train, independent and
aloof. For our family they work great, since our lives are all about our dogs.
We have the time and patience to provide the exercise and needed stimulation.

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LS - It makes me giggle to see these big strong boys next to Chanel because I just picture her bossing them both around lol. :p

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If you don't mind me asking, what made you decide to go for a Chi after the Basenjis?
I had my boys and a Pomeranian named Kissa. When Kissa died, I felt
like I couldn't breath. She was a loyal friend through it all, a very smart
and intuitive dog. A couple weeks after her death my grandfather was
killed. And literally a week after I found out some very disturbing news
from my husband. I did not want another dog, especially not a Pom, no
one could ever replace Kissa for me, and getting another dog would not
help me deal with all the sadness, not to mention I already had my hands
full because at the time of all this we had two large rescue dogs to care
for as well. My hubby did not see things that way and thought that Chanel
would be beneficial to our family. He got her for my birthday just a month
after all of these events. Of course I loved her from the start and taking
care of her, walking her, training her, etc. kept me so busy that mentally
I started to feel better too. My heart was no longer so heavy, it was very
hard to be sad around this little goof ball. I had to put all of my tears aside
and be a fair and stable owner to Chanel. The reason hubby chose a Chi
is because the breed is similar in temperament to a Pom.


THEY ARE SO PERFECT! I love your dogs. I think I am going to look into getting a Basenji at some point in my life. They are so regal. Chanel is gorgeous. Great photos, thanks for sharing LS!
Thank you so much, you are a sweetheart. :)
If you ever do decide you want a Basenji, please let me know so I could
talk you out of it! ;) These are not regular dogs, they are extremely wild,
stubborn, independent, aloof, tricky, hunting maniacs. Lets just say if you
like a dog that behaves, is easy to train and LOVES attention, the Basenji
is not for you. However if you want to have your life turned upside down
for the sake of your dog's happiness then yes go ahead and get one, lol.
Just keep in mind that in order to keep this breed happy we provide them
with a total of 7 hours of walks/runs per day. We feed raw. We train them
daily. Both hubby and I had to switch careers in order to work closer to home
so the boys could be walked 4 times per day. We redesigned our home so
these feral monkeys could climb, jump, run without causing damage. And
we do not leave our home without them by our side. Hubby and I would not
want it any other way! But that type of lifestyle is definitely not for everyone.

LS - It makes me giggle to see these big strong boys next to Chanel because I just picture her bossing them both around lol.
You know what, my Pom Kissa used to boss the boys around. But Chanel
does not. Yet the boys act as if she does run the house. They treat her
with such respect, it's unbelievable. They will both happily give up their
favorite toy for her, lick her face clean, move so she could lie down next
to them. They even defend her! Today she was almost attacked by an
off leash dog. The boys were far ahead of Chanel and I yet they turned
instantly around and fiercely ran to help defend Chanel, while I was trying
to push the attacking dog back. As soon as the boys showed up they both
jumped the dog and chased it off! Surprisingly no one got hurt, Chanel got
a big scare and the attacking dog just got some slobber on its' head and neck
from my boys. I did get some teeth marks up my arms(from pushing the dog
away from Chanel), but nothing serious.

A little cuteness???? Chanel and the boys should never be underestimated like that
Oh, and can i have your "dog lover" coffee mug? I will send you my address and you can FedEx it to me over night... thanx!
Oh that is my FAVORITE mug!!! I drink everything out of it! I even have a
photo of it, I love it too much! It's not just cute it's really good quality, and
only cost 11$. I had 4, but hubby is a clutz he broke two of them. :(

he he he - really lovely pics! :) She's a sweetheart and I love how proud your boys look! xx
Thank you. :)
She IS a sweetie, very lovable. And you are right my boys are so proud,
they think they are the awesomest and their poop does not stink! lol :lol:

Love her :love7:
Her expression is so relaxed and calming. Looks like a great little girl to have around.
I'll be she really helps brighten the day
I am VERY fortunate. Never had I had such an easy going, intelligent dog.
She is a dream come true. I don't even know why I deserve to have her
in my life. She's perfection itself. Makes everyone around her smile. :)

I love when you post pics of Chanel. Your boys always look so regal.

How about I trade you Claude for Chanel?
Hmm...yes yes sure, first you send over Claude, and then Chanel will be on her way.... or not....muahaha :evil5:

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Thank you for sharing, They are adorable.
I am so sorry about Kissa and your Grandfather.
My neighbor does rescue for besenji's. I just love them they are so sweet and come to visit all the time. They do get along great with Zoey. I know the don't bark but can sure "scream" when they want to be petted LOL

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Thank you Kay. :)

Oh yes barkless does not mean mute! ;) They howl extremely loud when
unhappy. It literally sounds like a fire alarm, so so loud. Benji was bought
by his original owners because they wanted the one and only brakless dog,
but were not able to provide sufficient exercise so he started howling 24/7.

Rocky & Benji get so much mental and physical stimulation that we never
hear a peep out of them. So in our case they are silent. (this takes A LOT
of work to achieve though.)

Do you know which organization your neighbor volunteers for?

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Great pics! You have such a cute little pack. Do your basenjis mostly stick together, or is Chanel just one of the boys?

Thanks so much! :p

Well it varies, when it comes to running outside the three of them chase each
other. At home the boys usually take turns playing with Chanel, but they often
also play all three together. Rocky & Benji still have their brother bonding time,
but if Chanel wants to join them they let her. It was not like that with my Pom
though, it was mostly R&B together and Kissa did her own thing, but she was
much older than them. Chanel is definitely one of the guys, she now has no
problems keeping up with them on hikes and wrestles pretty rough with them
at home. She might look like a Princess, but hubby and I nicknamed her Rambo
because she's a real bada$$! lol Unstoppable.

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You know, I once saw a combo wolf/dog. And the thing about them is they really project a sense of intelligence, the indisputable presence of an independent mind at work. And I think that's what your dogs represent. Like I said before it really shows in a happy, intelligent dog how much work the owner has put into them.

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Thank you Laura for your extremely kind compliment.
Wish I could just reach through the screen and hug you!:)

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I can't believe how much Kissa looked like a chi when she was shaved down!

All your pups look so happy and well cared for!

She did, she was tiny too, 6.5 lbs at her biggest. A lot of
folks thought she was a Chi. Chi in summer, Pom in winter. :)

Thank you very much, hubby and I try to do our best, we love our three
musketeers. He asked me today "What are we going to do when they are
gone?" I said I don't even want to think about it, it's just not an option,
they must live forever! That's it, that's all.
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