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just back from harness fabric shopping

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after Cooper's post with questions on sewing, I got inspired to go up to the fabric store. I was actually just planning on buying some grosgrain ribbon that I needed to go with some fabric I already have, but instead forgot about that until I was half way home, and ended up with six new fabrics instead that I think are going to make really cute harnesses :)
One says "Princess" all over it - so will have to make that for someone else... but couldn't not get it! (some of the others are a tad on the girly side, but I think they are going to be adorable on Tico!)
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:shock: Did you make that? That looks fantastic!

I love the dots and the princess chi! :wink:
yeah, just put it together. I think my favorite is the "ohh la la girls" (yellow) walking chihuahuas, but wanted to do the flamingos first because my mom has a thing for them (too long of a story behind them to get into) :wink:
I'm glad I could inspire you :D on the other hand, I'm jealous that you did that so quickly!
I'm very impressed! I've been trying to buy a harness for Bosco on ebay and can't for the life of me find someone who has cool fabric like that!
omg that harness is so cute !!! my favorite fabrics were the flamingos,dots and fishes :D

kisses nat
Wow I really love that harness! Looks great, you should start selling harness on ebay (hint hint :) )
NaliaLee said:
Wow I really love that harness! Looks great, you should start selling harness on ebay (hint hint :) )
If I didn't already have an on-line business that I feel I am neglecting, I may! I've been a total stacker on getting my businesses orders out as it is! :shock:
I like the way you but the trip around the belly part for the "D" ring. I bet that works great...
Here's Tico's "Dots" harness... I still haven't gotten around to the other fabrics yet :shock:
In the photo, he'd been harassing the cat Babe and she'd had more than enough of him for one day!
She looks adorable, it fits her really well!
karis said:
She looks adorable, it fits her really well!
Tico is actually a "HE", but he's used to being mistaken for a little girl! (not sure what that would be ;))
That one looks great too, good job! :wink:
I like the princess Chi.
Wow! Thats very nice,,,,
THose are all wonderful!! I love all the fabrics you chose, and how you made the harnesses. I'd love one for my Paris in that Paris fabric!! :D
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