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Just found this lil cutie...

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I was just browsing chihuahua websites for fun, and found this lil cutie for sale. I just had to share this pic. Too cute! :D Here is her info if anyone is interested:
Light fawn w/ white
DOB: 7-25-05
Ready for pickup: 9-19-05
Ready for Shipping: 10-17-05
Dam: Izzi-B
Sire: Pedro
(they are located in louisiana)
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she is adorable I love her colouring :D
she is sooo cute i like the chocolate one as well awww
I don't know about this one... you think you could break her of sticking out her tongue at the camera?? LOL
awwwwww i want her. lol
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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