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Just found this...

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I just found this and thought what a simple but very clever idea to carry your chi on when cycling , my friend used to use two shopping baskets joined together on her bike that you put your store things in when shopping.
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Is that on Ebay? My husband is an avid Biker! He bought me a bike last is so much fun! I have wondered about taking the little ones with us, but did not know what to put them in???? I have seen these little cart lke things you pull behind the bike to put a dog in. This looks much better.
wonder if it will hold more than one pup?

No i found it on an english pet site called its pretty good isnt it.
I like that idea.... I have a bike and my daughter keeps wanting me to ride with her... this summer we could ride our bikes with Gadget... :)
That is realy practical Donna...I woud love one! :D
Camilla,im sure they would make them in China :D and be cheaper they are about £23 ish in uk..............Sullysmum thinks could she start basket weaving and welding classes :D
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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