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He should be okay. I have heard that the vaccination you are talking about is the vaccination that is most likely to cause adverse reactions such as hypersensitivity or an anaphylactic response. The vaccination can also cause chronic illnesses (immune-mediated illnesses). As you just got the vaccination the only type of illness that you can watch for at this stage is the hypersensitivity that typically will not be too big of a problem. Or an anaphylactic response, including itching, swelling, things of that nature. If you notice your pup seemingly having an allergic reaction, take him to the vet ASAP.

The chronic illnesses that can occur usually don't manifest themselves until many days later. You'll know because the dog will just be over all sickly. Possibly refusing food or water. You'll know when to take him to the vet.

Chihuahuas don't seem to be on the list of breeds that are particularly susceptible to adverse reactions from vaccines. I think he will be okay. Just make sure you watch him and take him to the vet need be.

He's a very very very adorable pup.
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