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Hi everyone! My partner and I just rescued our first Chi: 2-year-old miss Frida Cricket, pictured in my sig. :p The shelter thinks she's a Chi mix, but vet thinks she's definitely mostly Chi, although a big girl at 8 pounds. If you see anything else, I'd love opinions! She has this perma-startled look and loves to run, so sometimes we think she's got an Italian Greyhound great-grandmother or something. We also have 3-year-old Langston, our boy kitty, featured in my avatar.

We've had her for almost a month now and are totally in love, she's the sweetest girl, loves kids, people, and the cat (although he's less enthused about her! ). We're working on training her and think she might be too smart for us- she obviously knows what we want but basically only obeys when it suits her. :rolleyes: We're signing up for a general obedience class, so hopefully that will help.

Love seeing and reading about everyone's babies! :p
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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