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Just saying hello

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Just thought we would say hello. :) I just joined the site today and am mom to two Chi's--Poco and Marlo who are siblings and 3 years apart in age. Poco is our boy and is black and tan in color and Marlo is our baby girl and she is a creamy white with a little butterscotch. She has just turned 6 months old and loves her older brother Poco. I love both these guys to pieces and hope to post some pictures soon. Looking forward to talking to lots of other Chi owners here soon. :)
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Welcome to CP! You'll love it here. Can't wait to see pics of your fur babies!
Hello! I'm new too. This is such a lovely forum, you'll really enjoy it :)
Welcome to the forum! Your chis sound precious!
Welcome! Looking forward to seeing pics of your pups! :)
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