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hey KC ur 2 weeks old finally! ur 2nd eye even opened today AND you're 7 oz which is still on the chart to be 3.5 lbs full-grown! Bellas Little Angels Becky sent me pics of your beautiful face and i just had to share it with the chi fans here hehe~ enjoy guys! :daisy:

all alone in the stroller~ lol

cant u just kiss me!

look ma i can do tricks ! no paws!

my pawsie so nummy~

here i am with my littermate sis Britta and BFF Ginger (lynx8456)

here we are closeup!

and then here's me, Britta, and my bro puppy B (still needs a home)

:toothy8: :toothy8: :toothy8:

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You can send her and the little blonde baby my way! ;)
They are two little goddesses!

Very cool of you to share their growth with us. :)
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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