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yay so i got this hand-made hello kitty harness dress for KC even before she was ready to go home. i had to guesstimate on if she would fit into this at all~ haha :lol:

KC met 2 new people today which was great~:] friendly as ever

mommm are we goins outs now?

why do i has to wear this~ :[

is this my good side?

oop~ i'm tireds~~

(she even developed a habit of sleepin like this)

got a little bit of whip cream from the white russian :lol: remember her name was based on the Kahlua drink plus whip cream :daisy:

passed out at the friend's place by the fan

back home~

toy toy toy! i wants....

THIS! arrghhhh~

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Oh, Pidge, she is absolutely the cutest, sweetest little girl. I want a puppy from your breeder!!! I've never seen a puppy so vibrant and happy all the time. I can only imagine it is because she was raised right.

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I want to kiss her tiny pink paws, smell her ears and tickle her belly! :cloud9:

Cherish this time Pige, she'll be a big girl before you know it.

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Ah she's adorable - I love the little tuft of hair from her neck over the neck of the dress :)

Poppy gets that little tuft when I put a winter coat on her and it makes me swoon every time!!

Congratulations on getting her - she is very sweet, how's Dexter adjusting to sharing you?
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