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awwwww , she so cute !!!!! :)
thanks elaine!!! sorry i couldnt get back to u and everyone here more quick...i was dealin with a bad case of sudden stomach flu...and was all over the place! couldnt stop :( i didnt even go to work today..

She is a beautiful baby....such an exciting time for you....
it sure is!!!

too cute!

tee hee hee hee :D

How cute!
thanks u!

Awwww so cute
thanks thanks!

Gorgeous pic, so cute!
I wish I could have watched Daisy developing every day like you seem to be able to, but I guess the wait would have been brutal!! Haha.
aw well i didnt watch dexter growup as well. even if i did get him at 12 weeks but i wouldve loved to seen the newborn stages hehe~ maybe u can do this with another pup next time around! its oodles of fun

Sooo cute!!

How wonderful for you! Her eyes are so pretty!
hehe EYE is pretty lmao! my pirate KC rofl~ :lol:

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Oh I want I want!!! :p

...hmm can I have your puppy please? I really like her! :toothy8: She's sooo pwetty!!!
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