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Hello... I am new to this board, I have been reading threads for a while but just recently joined...I'll post pictures as soon as I find the cord for my camera :) .... my six month old chi, Charlie, was recently boarded for a week and came home with a cough... he had been vaccinated for bordetella so the vet wasn't sure if it was kennel cough or something else... she gave him an antibiotic and some cough suppresant. He got most of the antibiotic in him... some also ended up on the couch, the floor and my bed...he didn't like it!
Anyway its been over two weeks and he isn't acting sick anymore but he is still coughing occasionally (like I hear him about once a day..maybe less). Should I take him back to the vet or is he just taking longer to get better? Is it common for it to take a while? Never had a sick pup before.

Charlie gave whatever he had to my sister's chi, Gizmo, she took him to the vet and he hasn't coughed at all for a week but he never was as bad as Charlie.

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