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My little 6 wk old foster chi mix has a stiff back leg. Her knee is in the back of her leg. When it was first discovered she was being fostered by my neighbor. She was taken to the vet and he gave the lady instructions on how to turn it around and exercise it. Every day it got harder and harder to turn. I brought her home with me at 5 1/2 wk , along with her brother. (Mom was snapping at them coz they were getting teeth) The vet had said it might need to be splinted. Well Im thinking he should have done that at first visit. The day after I got her it quit turning for me. Im taking her back next week to the shelter vet to see what he thinks, (requested by the president of the shelter). Im adopting this little girl, and I will eventually take her to my vet. My friend has seen two puppies with this in 20 yrs and she had them 'rebuilt' by her wonderful vets. One is in CA and the other in CO. So IF this local yocal vet doesnt have a clue, Im most likely going to send her to CA when its time.

Anybody ever seen this and if so, what did you do?

thank you!
pam in TX

I will post a picture when I figure out how, I think I have a picture of her "LuLu Moppet" in my profile.
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