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Hi all!
Sorry it has taken me so long to update you. I was dumb and went to see Star Wars III opening night at midnight on Wed. and had to be up for work at 5am so I just pulled an all nighter. Kylie's surgyer was the next day (Thursday) and it just so happened I was treatment leader at work (taking care of all the hospitalized animals) so I was plenty busy when the surgen came to work on Kylie. I got to hold her while the setatives kicked in and that was it...there was no way I could watch them intabate her (stick a breathing tube in her throat) and work on her.

The surgery took about an hour to do and Kylie did great!!! Her heart-rate was nice and steady and her oxygen intake was always around 99-100%. The doc said that she had no grove where the kneecap normaly sits so they made one for her. She said that she wasnt able to manually move the kneecap afterwards so we are thinking that it wont pop out on its own anymore seeing that we cant force it out.

Kylie took a while to wake up and her temp was around 95 degrees which is a tad low (normal being b/w 100-102) I put heating disks under the blankets and bundled her the time I left work at 7pm (2.5hrs after she was done with surgery) her temp was 99.7.

I got to pick her up that night around 10pm. They gave her a morphine shot to knock her out for the night. Poor girl looked so stoned! She slept from 10pm to about 2:30am and then she woke up and started to cry. She wasnt in pain, but she was coming out of the anestesia and the pain meds and thats normally how they act. Needless to say I did not get any sleep last night by today I was working on about 3hr of sleep from the past two nights combined!

I took Kylie outside this morning and she was able to lightly toe-touch on her leg. I have to help her a lot because her other rear leg doesnt work well and cannot support her weight. I bought a "walk-a-belly" which is just a sling that goes under their chest and has long straps you can hold and help them can support as much or as little of the animals weight you want.

By this afternoon Kylie was able to stand up on her own and is starting to put more weight on her leg. I will use the walk-a-belly for the next week or two so she doesnt strain either leg too much.

Kylie has pain meds for the next 3 days. She is also on anti-inflamatory meds and meds that help promote tissue healing.

She is doing great!!!!!!! I couldnt be happier about how this turned out! I am so happy I decided to go with the doctor I did. She does wonderful work! Kylie's leg isnt even bruised...which is amazing seeing that they cut into her bone!! :shock: Its been 24hrs now and still there is no bruising or redness and hardly any swelling....its amazing the work this doc does!

I have attached some picks of her today. Mind she is still a tad out of it because it does take a couple days for the meds to leave her body. She also looks a little greesy...but I cannot bathe her until her stitches come out.

Thanx again everyone who supported me and incouraged me and who kept Kylie in their thoughts and truely has meant a lot to me!

I will continue to update you all on her progress!

-Jessica and Kylie :D
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