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Labor Day outside

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We were playing outside with dogs and took some new pics. Then retreated inside to cool off and took some pic


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If it was as hot there as it was here, I don't blame you for going back inside! Those are some cute pics though - looks like everyone was just laying around, taking it easy today.

Did y'all manage to be spared from Katrina where you are? I just noticed you're in MS.
those are great pics! :) Your chi looks very fearless in the second pic with the big dog. (it's a Boxer, right?)

We were very hot and did lay around and play today great family day.

Katrina hit the coast about five hours from here and we got alot of wind and rain. Not to much damage except some down trees and power outage. we were out of power from 31st at 7 30 pm to 7 30 am Tuesday.

Yes she is a boxer at 17 wks and 25 pounds. I would not mind if it was put on a calendar i would be honored.
:D very cute shots, boy that black dog is very black!! Cool 8)
they look great and shiny !!! cute chi's and boxer :wave:

kisses nat
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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