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Leash training!

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Stinky still jumps and pulls too much? is that normal...what are the best tips for leash training? and how can i make Stinky calm down.. :D he just gets waayy to hyper every single time we go out! :D Crazy dog!
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I was going to ask the same thing I want to be able to take Nemo on a walk without him tugging everywhere. he pulls so hard im afraid one time he will pop his little head off.
:scratch: mmmm...why is nobody posting nobody leash trained their puppies?...did you guys just put the leash on until the chi got used to it? is there actually any training involved...or just time???
For Zeus, it just took time. Zeus has a collar on his leash that is made of a soft rope like material. The collar tightens if he pulls and rests comfortabley around his neck when he walks nice. He's a great walker now and he turns a year old this month (23rd).
:D :D :D THX for the input NOAHFL the post has been here for a couple of days and I was wondering where everybody is...hehehehe :D :D :D
I don't think too many people actually walk their chis.
Or don't do much about the pulling.
You have to be careful with those tiny little necks, that's why I use a halter.
You can train a chi to heal.
Sandy pulls, but it's not like she is going to pull me down the street.
I'm just rambling here. Sorry.
Sorry I didn't post because although Auggie was a little iffy about his harness at first he took to it really quick and has always walked pretty good with it so I don't really have any advice :roll: Not that i don't occasionly have to give him a slight tug when he wants to spend too much time smelling and not walking :lol:
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