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Legs not straight...problem??

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I originally posted a pic on the breeders forum because I was considering offering Sonny for stud.
A breeder on there told me his ears were too big, his nose was too long...which is fine, I love those features about him...but she also said his legs weren't straight, and now I'm worried that this will cause some sort of problem eventually for him, will it??
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sweety it was me that said those things. Please remember that I was not saying that he was ugly and those features about him are perfect!! Just not for studing. It will not cause him Any problems at all. It just a week gene that some have. here is a prime example of what I am talking about: It is called being Rabbit footed.
Gizmo has that too, not too much, just slight...and I think that adds to his's a slight curvature that causes no problems whatosever!

Hey, my hubby is slightly bow-legged... :D I think it makes his legs look even more muscular!!! lol
no! oh no, i didnt think you thought he was ugly...
i was just saying i know those features arent good for a stud dog, but i love him anyways!
i was just worried about his legs causing him health problems in the future...
i appreciate so much your comments and help! and there is no way i would believe anyone would said he was ugly anyways!!! hehe
thanks again!!
I had a problem with a male his one leg bowed more then the other it was really unoticable but i look at my chis like i am putting them under a microscope. the vet never picked it up. his next visit I questioned it they took an xray and it turned out one of his bones was not growing along with the other the other leg also had it but.. was not like the left leg. I was just told to watch him grow an if there were a problem then surgery would be in order. he was not in pain it didnt deter from his activities at all. then again it could be nothing at all just the shape of ya chi's legs. dont worry when he goes for his next vet exam ask your vet to please take a lookie see. if he feels its something he will suggest an xray if not ya home free
It doesn't seem to affect his activities at all...Sonny is an all-terrain little guy, he loves rocks and climbing....with no problems...
last week we took him hiking with us...and we could hardley keep up to him on the trails!!
anyways, we are going to be switching vets soon, especially since we are going to be getting him neutered and chipped and all that jazz...
thanks for the advice!!
no it didnt affect Goliaths either he ran and acted fine I just happen to notice it when he sat a certain way.
he's a real cutie :wink:

paris has rabbit feet too i think :wink:

kisses nat
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