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LeStat the jrt x chi from 8 weeks to the preset time at 19 months old.
Some are taken on mobile phones so not so good.

8 weeks old.

Around 4 months whilst still living with my daughter. He had a Nero guinea pig cage as a crate as he could get his head through the smallest puppy crates.

About 6 months old being a total stress head and looking like an alien.

Next to my daughters jrt in his crate. They are friends but Sqweg wo't sit still very often. Again LeStat is around 6-7 months old in this pic.

See they are friends ad this is the first time LeStat showed us he likes to be 'top dog'. Around 8 months old.

1 year old the day he came to live with us. Very sressed and a scaredy cat. It took us weeks to get him to come our from under the table.

LeStats Mum 'Lucy' at the farm. She's a 'farm ratter' jrt so is always dirty but she enjoys her life on the farm with all her 'ratter' friends.

Getting a little more confident sitting next to my OH John. About 13 months or so.

Actually seeking attention at 13 months...this is rare even now after a good few months. These next few pics are all around the same time.

Showing how little he was eating....he needed some weight on and weighed less than 2lbs in this pic.

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Looking better in this one but still tiny.

Looking even tinier next to a 5 week old rescue kitten I took in for rehoming. He's 13 months old in this pic and weighed little more than the kitten.

Size UK 4 trainer, this show became his comforter for a while, he is so tiny.

New friends. Stanley our Min Pin who is old now.

New Best Bud at around 15-16 months old.. Saxon the Rottweiller.

Top Dog yet again.

Size comparison.........Saxon and LeStat.

Putting weight on now...upto around 2lb 4ozs here at around the 15 month mark I think.

17 months or so here and Saxon really loves him.

Looking guilty...I can't remember what he'd done!

Peppa Pig the jrt puppy just loves LeStat!

In his new 'Bart Simpson' sock t-shirt today at 19 months he hates the camera now. He always looks terrified.

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Oh wow he's tiny! So cute! :)
I don't see any Jack Russel in him at all.

...and Saxon has beautiful eyes!

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Thankyou for the nice comments. LeStat is still a 'work in progress'.

He is definitely chi x jrt though as I've posted a pic of his Mum.
She belongs to a friend and I was there when she gave birth to her litter, only two, my little one and a bitch that now weighs nearly 14lbs.
The little bitch pup looks like a jrt though.
LeStat still recogises his Mum when we go to the farm but he's not allowed off lead or I'd lose him.

LeStat is still very difficult to cope with, he's not the friendliest dog, he hates to be picked up as well.
If he comes to you and sits on your knee, arm or head he's fine if not then he squirms and tries to get away. We can't allow anyone who doesnt' know him to pick him up or he would wriggle out of their hands and get dropped!

That little sock shirt took me less than 5 minutes to 'make' and over 10 minutes to get on the little
I think Bart Simpson just about sums LeStat up

He still doesn't eat very well, or at least not what he should eat, we refuse to worry now though and just watch his weight every week to make sure he's not losing or varying too much. He can vary by 8ozs some weeks!

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What a cute little man, and I do mean little! My 16 week old purebred Chi puppy is over 3lbs already. You've done so well to improve his condition so much, he looks healthy and his coat is lovely.

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Lestat? As in like the Vampire Lestat?
If so...that's awesome! n_n

Cute pup.
Yes that's the one....blame the daughter who owned him for the first year of his life.
Her other dogs are called 'Sqweg', as in square easter egg, and Tinkerbell.
She comes up with some funy names for her pets.
Her cats are called...Gangsta, Mozz, IgglePiggle, UpsaDaisy ad there are two others I can't remember the names of at the moment.

This really suits LeStat though as he has all his baby teeth still and when we're angry at him we can change it 'LeT***'.

I do have a little duffle coat for him from the USA but I can't find at the moment, I think my jrt might have hidden it, that is a size xxxs.
It is easier to make sock shirts though so now I go out looking for ones with pictures on so it doesn't look so cheap on him. Not bad for £1 at the poundshop though! That's for two!
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