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Okay, so today while uploading pictures of my newest addition... I came across pictures of arwen when she was just a tiny little baby, and was shocked by how much she has changed and how much bigger she's gotten (lol as big as 3lbs can be) So I want everyone to find pictures of their babies then , now and even in between, and post them here so that we can all get sentimental and whatnot together!!!

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This is the first photo of Daisy:

This was at 3 1/2 weeks:

We met her at 4 weeks:

Home at 6 1/2 weeks:
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5 months old:

First xmas at 9 months old:

I think the main difference in Daisy is her colour xD

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Most of the pics I have of Gunner as a baby were before I ever got to see him in person. They were taken by the breeder. So I'm a little unsure of the exact age on some of them.

2ish weeks

3 weeks (I love how chubby he looks here!)

6 weeks

7 weeks

9 weeks

10 weeks (right before I got him since we got him at 10 and 1/2 weeks)

The day we brought him home. He was one nervous little guy:

And at 6 months (the age he is now):

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I love this thread!
This was my gorgeous little man Gucci when he was only a fistful lol

And this is him all grown up

This is Prada as a wee one :)

This is Prada today

This is Coco Chanel as a baby

And she hasn't changed much now!

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WONDERFUL thread! Loving all the beautiful pups! :love5:

Chanel at 2 months old

4 months

6 months


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Aww, so cute! I love this thread.

Here's the first pic I ever saw of Axle

and here he is just a couple of weeks ago at Christmas, aged 5 months

This is the pic we took of Chloe the first time we met

And this is her last week at 14 weeks

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I appologize for the crappy phone pics.

around 4 weeks
This is what made me fall in love with him. At this time I was just helping a friend with the litter. He got attached to me quickly

6 weeks when I brought him home

@2 months

Tired after spending a few days a our local renfair where I have a booth every year.

@4 months visiting his mama

@5 months

He got camera shy after 6 months. And I had Leah to take pics of. :rolleyes:
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