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Light coughing?

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Just recently, like within the past day or so, every time chico is done eating a treat, eating some food, or drinking some water, sometimes he will let out one little, light kinda cough. he doesn't do this any other time, just after eating and drinking. he is acting like his usual self, so i'm sure he's not sick or anything. he eats normally and drinks normally, its just that one little light cough he lets out, any ideas? do any of your chi's do this?
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My baby, Binki does that same thing when she drinks. I think she gets water up her nose--she drinks too fast. I've also learned of reverse coughing on here too. It seems to be rather harmless. Binki does it sometimes, and I've found if I can get her to lick something--like my hand--she stops.
Chico has reverse sneezing. I've never heard of reverse coughing though...ya learn something new everyday! Thanks for ur help...if he keeps doing it, i'll probly call the vet, better safe than sorry, especially when it comes to my baby.
paris and cosmo have that too !! especially after drinking :?

kisses nat
Ok, maybe i'm being a huge worry wart, but i just now saw chico hacking, like he is trying to throw something up, but nothing is coming out. i've never had a chi or any small breed dog before, and my worst fear is a collapsed trachea...i dunno what could be making him do this. just now is the first time i've seen him do that...the other little coughs were like after he ate or drank, it would be one little, tiny cough, like he was clearing his throat or something, but this time he didnt eat or drink anything...what could it be?
all 6 of the dog's i reside with have that too. usually after one of them does it i say oh how attractive.
oh, so its just something chi's do? like reverse sneezing? if its like reverse sneezing, i shouldnt be worried then cause the vet said theres nothing wrong with him, thanx!
Chico's Mama said:
oh, so its just something chi's do? like reverse sneezing? if its like reverse sneezing, i shouldnt be worried then cause the vet said theres nothing wrong with him, thanx!
all breeds do it! my pit did it all the time and my tasha bird (the german short hair pointer) did it too.
Sometimes animals ingest things too quickly, and have a little cough after to kind of settle everything back together. However, incidences of coughing/hacking that occur normally can be indicative of a minor infection, after exposure to kennel cough, etc... the vaccine is preventing it from being anything to worry about, but they might have a light cough for a few days.

Another thing that causes (chi's especially) to hack, is the insane amount of grooming they do. All that hair they are ingesting irritates their throat from time to time and they "hack" to relieve it.

Hope that helps!
Peanut does it sometimes while he is eating because he tries to eat his food too fast. My new puppy (german Shepherd and Lab mix) does it as well, but like ilovesadie said, he is now recovering from Kennel cough so I think thats why.

I dont think the coughing should be a problem unless it happens on a daily basis. Chico might just be clearing out his throat. Do you know if he is allergic to something?? Maybe allergies is causing the coughing. I know when Peanut goes outside and he first smells the grass he sneezes sometimes.

Thanks for your help guys! I just get really worried because Chico is the first chihuahua i've ever had and the first small breed dog i've ever had too. I hear about some of the problems associated with chi's that other dogs don't have, and I get kind of paranoid :oops: I'm just glad I have this place to come to and get advice and answers from experienced chi owners. :D
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