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ok i need to make $500 in the next month or so lol.
or at least i need to start making it lol.

ive come up with some ideas but i wnted to get some imput from the 'target consumers'

i will admit i spoil my vixie and im sure you all rember my ideas for making collars, well thats well into the planning stage and ive found plenty of places for anything i need. however i find this realy limits me.

now ive looked at osme of the things ive made my girl to spoil her silly, and noticed something things she has 1 match in some way to something else, and 2 have come out in a sellable quality, and are pretty close to some of the tings ive seen online pricing pretty high.
for example, she has a nice jacket, its a midweight being its reversable and lightly lined.
its a pretty red and cream twall on the outside and a nice quality red fleace on the inside inbetween the layers is a very thin inter lining and a secod layer of fleace which is quilted to the first layer for warmth. its got a few little added details like a red fleace heart cut oout on the twall side with a twall bow in the center, VERY girly indeed, but i also made a matching soft carrier, the traditional purse style with an opening for the head, zips along top and a leash hook inside for saftey, its the twall outside with a 2 layer red fleace inner and a red fleach pocket on the outside lined with the twall, inside is a cussion in the red twall with a hard bottom to stiffen the purse.

and for in that, for the real chilled days of shopping, is a matching blankie, twall one side red fleace the other and a pretty matching red fleace heart on the twall side with a twall bow.
the whoe set came out real nice and i have had many people ask me where i got it. it dint occur to me untill now that its something i could possibly make better and find a buyer for. (by make better id like to add a nice thick batting to the walls to make the whole thing more secure for the chi.) and it would hold about 6 lbs i could also reinforce the strapping to hold more weight.

in adition to this she also has a leapoard print fleace set, its a little leapoard print hooded jacket, jacket with leg holes velcros down chest and under belly and matching snuggle type carrier and blankie.

i also made her a 'shrug' jacket (shorter just for a slight shilly day) in leapoard print short faux fur and terry cotton lining, with a matching carry bag (like the red) and she has a bed to match that set, its a hand carved painted wooden ped with a pillow to match the coat and a blankie attatched lose to the top of the pillow on three sides to give a sleeping bag effect.

im also looking for a good t-shirt pattern.

do these sound like items youd like to see available to you as a chihuahua owner (even if you didnt buy) is it something youd like to see available.

if it is somehting youd think you would like to see, would you think best to pre make and sell on ebay or make a 'show' version of each thing and have a website set up with the show item and have custom orders? ie, made to size/certain colours.

any help is apreciated

do you think its a good idea, of course pricing would be the next step, but thatll all depend on how much it makes to cost, id liek to at the very least break even lol... let me know.

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oh yeah pics are sefinatly comming, (unfortunatly my digital chomps the bateries, so they last all of an hour if that lol) but once they charge again ill be sure to take some.

i also understand the boy issue, alot of the cute things ive seen online are also very girly, and id like to do a sort special section for boys stuff, stick to the basic lines yet still the quality and give extra room for the peepee factor, and stick to the masculin colours. also boy t-s and sweters, again stronger lines, more masculin and good 'strong' boy colours i was actually thinking of doing t-s with word and sayings on also if i can get a good deal with screen printing. though i havent thought about the sleavless t's before, hmm another great idea! thanks!

part of the collar line is for the tough pups too, ie, tiny spiked collars in black, baby pink and baby blue, mabe i could develop a tough pup clothes line too, leather/plether, studs and punky plaids lol.

but yeah ill get some pics asap.
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