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Lina and her Care Bear :-)

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I love it when she carries this thing's almost bigger than she is lol You should see her "attack" it lmao! It's too funny!!

Lina and her Care Bear!! :)
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Awww, she is adorable with her little care bear!!
i love how she is so smart to drop it from the step lol instead of tripping down with it lol...
Thanks girls :)

Isn't it amazing how smart these little dogs are?! She just amazes me sometimes lol.
LOL we looove tug-o-war at our house! I like it when she starts to growl and shakes the toy up like she's killing it lol
LOL that is so cute. I love how the carebear is bigger then her and yet she can still carry it back to you. Very cute!
awww! shes so cute what a cute little face shes tiny i have a care bear liek that! lol
What a cutie pie! I know my baby love MY beanie babies, :roll: lol! OH well, comes with the gift of a chihuahua, right?? :wave: Best wishes and much love to you and your sweetie!
She stole it from my boyfriends daughter lol She'll try to climb in the toybox to get it if we don't leave it out for her lol.
She looks adorable! Britney has got about 3-5 toys that are bigger than's so cute seeing her little chubby self dragging them around :lol:
clever little rascal! i love how that toy is enormous and she drags it round! very fun to watch!
I love how she runs to fetch it but it's so big she just lets it fall back down the step. She's figured out how to handle that silly thing that's bigger than she is! So cute!! :lol:
What a cutie!! :D
what a great video :D and what a smart cookie :wink:

kisses nat
1 - 20 of 25 Posts
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