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Litter Box/Outdoor???

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Hi. I have been litter box training my puppy since I got her and she seems to be doing really well. The problem is I live in an apartment with others and my room is upstairs, which is also where the litter box is. She never has accidents upstairs but when we are downstairs she has accidents more often. I think because she doesn't know what to do downstairs since she can't get up the steps to get to her box. I can't have a box downstairs because I'm not sure everyone would want a litter box in the main living area. I often take her up to the litter box but it still isn't helping her get the idea to go to it on her own. Is it possible to get her to go outside when we are downstairs and in the box upstairs?? Im not sure if that would be really confusing. Thanks for any advice.
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Are you using litter in the litter box or do you have a puppy pad in there? All i can say is put a litter box downstairs, or train her to go outside to do her business. I know how it is not wanting a litter box in plain view...maybe try putting it somewhere where its not to visible to people but she knows how to get to it.
It is possible to train to both litter box (or pee pads) and outside. My Jasmine does both. When I'm home, I take her outside frequently and she will use the bathroom outside. When I am away or during the night, she will use her pee pad. So it is possible to do both.

How old is your chi? Jasmine is 9 months old now, and I didn't start trying to train her to go outside until she was almost six months. My theory (and it is just my theory), is to train to one thing at a time. In other words, I didn't start training Jasmine to go outside until I was completely sure she was consistently going potty on her pad, as I felt it would be too confusing to train for both at one time.

Is there not some place downstairs where you could have a litter box that would be out of sight to most? Or how about trying a pee pad if you think she would use it.

Whatever you decide, good luck, and remember consistency and patience are the keys.
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