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litter box training....

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when I first got Mia I wanted to Litter box Train her but i don't think i did it right cuz she never went there then i got the puppy pads and that worked for a while but now they r more toys for her....I was wonderign if anyone here has successfully litter box trained there chis and can offer any help like the type of litter u use....and how u successfully did it....
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I have successfully litter boxed trained Cookie. I use a regular cat litter box and litter. I think I use Arm and Hammer brand. I will say that he doesn't always make it in. Sometimes when he feels like being lazy he puts his 2 front feet in a then pees (thought this is not very often). He always poops in it though. I would also say that he prefers to go outside but we live in Florida and it can be very hot to stand out there for 20 mins.

The way that I trained him was to keep putting him in it and telling him to go potty. When he would go I would praise him and give him a treat. The treats were only for when he would go potty. He would get one for pee-pee and two for poop. I do clean it everytime he goes. I have noticed that if he has peed in it and I don't clean it, he doesn't like to poop in it.

If you have anymore questions feel free to ask.

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I have trained all 6 of mychis to use a litter box. I use pelletized kitty litter, it is a whole lot cheaper than the dog litter. I, however, do use the dog litter pan, they are larger I have boxes in each of the xpens and they all use them. The puppies even preferred the box to the pad, so eventually I just took the pad away. I do have to scoop everyday.
I think that if they are used to a pee pad, I would start with putting a used pee pad in the bottom of the litter pan and then adding a little litter, just enough to cover the pad with a thin layer-the smell will be there. I would still put a pee pad out until they get the hang of it.
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