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Congrats on your new baby!

I adopted my dog at the age of 2 - and she was not housetrained. Funny you should mention, because I am currently training her for litter in the litterbox.

I had her trained on puppy pads first. Which I then placed in the litterbox. Now, I am at the stage where I am getting her used to the litter underneath the puppy she gets used to the smell and feel of it.

The one problem w/ puppy pads if you plan to use them indefinitely, is that they are soft. And a dog might confuse other soft surfaces as bathroom areas. This is why I am switching to litter (also, it's cleaner and less $). Other ppl use newspapers, though they are not as absorbent.

If you dog is already trained for outside....there are some steps to ease the process inside. Some dogs will do both, actuallly. Which is great in crappy weather.

Go to:
or pick up the book Housetraining for Dummies.
They both mention how to transition your dog from outdoor to in.

Good luck!
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