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Kemo's mamma said:
Ill bite but I am generally a private person, so I will just tease you :lol:

1. Im 42
2. on my second marriage to a guy 10yrs younger who is a military brat
3. I have one daughter age 16.5
4. My first husband was mentally abusive (ocassionally physcial) to me and an alcholic, he still is abusive to me mentally.
5. I did drugs for 11 years, stopped for like 8 then dabbled again.
6. Found the LORD 7 years ago and will be eternally grateful
7. I was molested as a child by my friends dad and was raped at 13.
8. I do not get along with my mother nor never felt close to her as she blamed ME for getting raped-that ended our relationship as I needed her at the time and was too frightened to tell my father. Although I forgive her-I realized while she can be a wonderful person but she is locked in her own hell, and all I can do is pray for her. Now she is ill with dementia and a heart condition so I have to take care of her more. Funny huh?
9. I love my father to pieces and is saddens me to see him get old and forgetful.
10. My father was a muscian/photographer so I have a great love of those things even though I cant play any instruments or have a good camera.
11. I really have a problem with people and I am very tolerant but when I am pushed too far-I shamefully become the old me.
12. I am a neat freak

I have seen and done more things than I care to mention, I can tell you I am a very complicated person, but one you can trust and rely on fully.

I want to meet you so bad, and just talk to you. Believe it or not I went through almost all the things you did, except I still have a good relationship with my mother, no kids, and not yet married.

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Can I think of anything to say? Well I'll try

I'm 55 will be 56 next month.
We have a small horse ranch in the middle of nowhere
We own a small business
I have a son and daughter from a first marriage and 2 stepsons from current marriage, all grown now.
Marcus is the most wonderful thing in my life
I tend to be a very private person
I battle depression on a regular basis
My current marriage is a disaster that's getting worse so who knows where that might go

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Ok, here's my life:

1) I am 45 years old in July
2) I have a 14 year old son and a 10 year old son, both of whom I adore
3) I am married to an Israeli diplomat, currently posted in Beijing
4) I left the UK in 1984 and have lived in Israel, Belgium and China
5)I speak, read and write fluent Hebrew
6) I studied at the Royal Academy of Music in London, majoring in flute and piano
7) I have 10 'O' levels and 4 'A' levels
8) I have a BA in Music
9) I have a weight problem and have battled it all my life
10) I love to write poetry and have had some of them published
11) My hobbies are patchwork sewing, reading and swimming
12) I played flute with all the major UK symphony orchestras
13) I converted to Judaism in 1990, just to marry my husband. I dont believe in anything in particular
14) I hate mean people and people you cant trust
15) I fall hopelessly in love and have been torn apart by someone who I will never forgive

goodness me....its scary when you write it all down! :shock:

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hmmm gosh i sound very boring now

1) im 14 years old and go to a catholic school.
2) i have only recently got my baby deano and i love him so so much.
3) i had a lot of trouble at school
4) my old best friends mum tried to run me over
5) my sister goes to aberdeen university
6) i love art
7) i lost all my friends because they refused to come in on my birthday sleep over for chinese - they sed 9 was too early and put the fone down on me.
8) i save my dinner money everyday to buy deano a toy
i have 3 sister, all older than me.
9) i have 6 horses a cat, and of course my little deano
10) i live in manchester, UK.
11) i have a wonderful best mate, and i am so glad i have her - chloé i love ya so much!

and thats basically it - theres my life lol zz.zzz..zzzz.z.z.z
and i want to say
"mum, i love you so much and i am sorry that you had to go through everything at school with my old friends and i am very happy now! thank you x x x"

by the way i think this is a great way to get things off your chest, and i love chi people, to learn and speak to many people. I think you are all very brave people and i really honour most of you.

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ok here goes :D

- i am 22 years old
-my bf is 33 and we are together for 2.5 years now
-i love chihuahua's and all of you guys .........i plan on breeding when i'm older (in 20-30 years)
-my parents divorced when i was 1 , and i lived with my mother until i was 12 and she had a bf who hit me . i sued him and went to live with my dad until i was 18.
- i went out like crazy from the age of 15....i did the drug scene,i smoked (normal cigs and weed ) .
- stopped it all when i met my current bf ......i only drink a glass of champagne or wine when i go out now :D
-We are thinking about marriage and baby's , but sometimes we have a difficult time and it all gets shoven up in time...
-i'm a happy person , but i'm not easy .i'm very stubborn and sometimes my mom describes me as a crazy and aggressive lunatic :D and an angel afterwards .......;;.
-i love running around in the house naked :D
- i have 2 best friends ...but my absolute best friend is my mom !! she knows everything there is about my life ...i would do anything for her and she would for me !
- i love sharks and my dream is to go to florida one day and go swimming with them !!
-i love watching horror-movies and my favorite movies are ....there's something about Mary,pretty woman , pulp fiction , deep blue sea , Bram Stoker's Dracula , Child's play , everythin from Stephen King .
- i love reading especially stephen king and UK - gossip magazines
-i'm a certified beauty-technician, but i work since i graduated in a diamond-office in Antwerp .
-i 'm a girlie-girl ,i love pinks , clothing with frills , make-up etc
-i have my driver's license since 6 months and bought me my first car ; a citroen C3
-i'm a shop-aholic and i love ebay !!
-i'm a food-aholic and love pizza's , sweets , chocolates , everything !!
- i like all kinds of music but nothing to mellow !! i love marilyn manson ,trance, the sugababes , black eyed peas :D ..........

i think that's it :D

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Ok Ill go now

1) I am 18 years old. Will be 19 in November
2) I have no real friends at all where I live
3) My closest and dearest friends are my bf Jason and my online friend (who I have never met but really want to one day) Victoria aka KB Mamma
4) I am somewhat a loner (if you cant tell by numbers 2 and 3)
5) I have a wonderful boyfriend named Jason who is 21.
6) I battled depression throughout my last 2 years of high school
7) I still suffer with it now from time to time but have learnt to understand my moods better and, in a way, control it.
8 ) I self mutilated once because of my depression
9) I am very self-consious about my body. I know Im not, but I always feel like I have a fat and unattractive body.
10) I use to do some modelling but gave it up because models can be really bitchy!
11) My depression got so bad once that I starved myself for 6 days and my parents took me too the hospital and I was almost admitted to the mental ward. I was 16.
12) I have no idea what I want to do with my life career wise.
13) My favourite animal is the Tiger
14) Im very girly and love clothes and make-up and doing my hair and getting dressed up.
15) I love to write and have started work on many novels but never finished them.
16) I also like to write poetry.

Umm thats all I can think of for the moment! :D

Edited cause I dont know the month of my own birth :shock:

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Wow, this is great! You won't find this much diversity at the U.N. :lol:

What a lovely bunch of people here. We're all so quirky, which I happen to find appealing. Each of us brings something special and unique to this forum and that's what makes it so fascinating and entertaining. Keep those bio's coming, please. :thumbright:

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okay, i'll have a go...

1. I'm 26 y.o, will be 27 on 4 Nov. this year
2. I'm getting married on 5 Nov. this year!
3. My fiancee is 36 and makes short films in his spare time, one of which was screened at Sundance last year.
4. I'm currently studying Hair & Beauty, changing careers from office admin
5. I've got 3 moggy cats & 2 pet mice at the moment, am dying for a doggie!
6. I suffer from depression related to my Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) and am currently on meds for it.
7. My dad died when I was 8, and my Mum is the strongest person I know (also my best friend)
8. I have perpetually itchy feet, and long to travel to Britain, around Europe, to China & USA - one day I'll have the $$$ to do it!
9. I love to read, & do it constantly - I'd read whilst driving if it was possible!
10. Am hoping to have kids in 3-4 years time, may have probs because of my heart murmur, but I'll cross that bridge when I come to it.
11. I've always had pet cats, my entire life!
12. I loooove good chocolate, coffee & cheese - but don't indulge too often.

there's heaps more, but i promised myself i'd stick to 12!

Oh, and my name's Janet :D

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Ok.... here goes nothing.

1. My name is Rebecca, but my nickname is Noah. A former supervisor gave me this nickname because I had several pets.
2. I have a BS in Computer Science, graduated in 1998. I started my Master's, but got pregnant with my first daughter and got very sick to the point I could no longer attend school.
3. I worked for a vet while I was in college, and it was by far the best job I ever had. I question if I chose the correct path to this day. My love for animals stemmed when I kept dating the wrong types of guys and was treated terrible from emotional abuse to just being used. My pets were my outlet. They helped me get out of a terrible depression. I was also a foster mom for a local shelter and there is nothing more precious then bottle feeding a 2 week old kitten. I've fostered lots of litters and it's a comforting feeling to know they are alive and happily adopted to families.
4. I'm happily married to Barry. We just celebrated our 6 year Anniversary in April. He's the best thing that ever came my way and I'm thankful to have him in my life. He's a wonderful father, my best friend, and soulmate.
5. I'm expecting my 2nd daughter in about 4 weeks.
6. I don't have many friends. I have one best friend from high school, but I chose to spend my time with my family.
7. I'm a stay at home mom. I quit my job when my first daughter was born in 2002. I opened my own home business in the computer field (web design, computer repair), but recently closed the business when I moved to Virginia since I am expecting my 2nd child and know I'll be very busy.
8. I'm very shy when I meet people.
9. My biggest fear is fear of failure in anything I do.
10. I'm very protective over my daughter. The only person who ever watched her was my mother and my in-laws a couple of times. This day in age, I find it hard to trust a babysitter.
11. I'll be 30 in November and still to this day can't watch horror movies at night.. :oops:
12. My hobbies are scrapbooking, gardening, photography, Ford Mustangs (namely Shelby and Cobra), and of course my passion for animals.
13. I'm a clean freak and can't stand a dirty house or car.

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Wow! Everyone is so brave.
I wasn't going to do this but after reading everyone else's post I changed my mind.

1. I am 27 years old, I was having a hard time getting older until I got sick and I learned age doesn't mean a thing anymore.
2. I have 2 sons that I love more than anything in this world. I pride myself on taking such good care of them.
3. In 2002 I was diagnosed w/ a rare ovarian cancer called immature teratoma. When the doctor told me I think I went into shock. I never cried in front of anyone. Everyone thinks I handled it so well but when my husband would be at work and my kids would be asleep I would cry until I would make my self sick. My oldest son was in 1st grade and my youngest was in pre k. I finally decided God was not taking me from my children. I had 2 surgeries, 1 of them being a hysterectomy and cancer was removed and I did precautionary chemo and it will be a year in June!!!!!!
4. Right before I got sick, my husband and I were thinking of trying for a baby it was very hard for us to accept no more kids.
5. During my cancer battle and chemo I wanted to leave my husband. He did take very good care of me, whatever I wanted or needed he would get for me. But he had a hard time accepting I had cancer, he acted like life was a normal thing when I felt my life was going to end. I now realize, looking back, that a lot of people in his family died from soon as they were diagnosed they usually died a year or 2 later. So he was scared to death.
6. When i got diagnosed w/ cancer everyone stopped calling me except my mom, dad and grandma and 1 of my friends who I will now do anything for. It was hard for me to deal w/ that right there. I was trying so hard to have everything be normal but people were all ready writing me off.
7. My husband and I have been married for 8 years. We have a pretty good marriage. We've had some ups and downs but as we grow we continue to grow together and I think niether of us would ever want to be w/ out the other.
8. I got pregnant out of wedlock :shock: some family members thought that was the end of the world. But hey, we're all it wasn't so bad after all. :D
9. I am married to a tattoo artist, he looks somewhat like Fred Durst (some people have said :roll: ) ..when his friends meet me they always expect someone all tattooed up like him but they get me instead so it is always a shock :lol:
10. I have never done any drugs, smoke ciggerettes..nothing. I have never even been drunk. That is something I am so proud of. I never even skipped school. Beleive it or not, I wasn't a goody goody, I just had a good head on my shoulders. I hope my boys do the same.
11. I was raised a catholic but we never went to church. When I got sick all I wanted to do was pray to God but I didn't know how.
12. I think, looking back, that cancer was the best thing that has happened to me. I have learned so much about what is worth worrying over and not worrying about . It was the biggest learning experience in my life.
13. I am a fun mom, we do lots of things...but I am fairly strict when it comes to grades and behavior.
well, i wrote more than I thought I was :lol:

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KJsChihuahuas said:
:shock: WOW this thread makes me feel so much closer to everyone, like a for real family :D
part of the reason i wanted to start it. there are lots of regulars in this forum and we know so much about our dogs i figured hey lets talk about the people behind the pooches. plus you never know who has gone through the same obstacles and such in life, then you find out and can have a tighter relationship with someone that understands you.
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