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My real name is Matthew (Matt) but my friends call me Smashy.
I was born in 1973.
I was born in Fort Stanley, Hong Kong.
I have a British and Chinese birth certificate.
I have lived in,
Hong Kong
Barnard Castle
Osnabrück Germany
Sennelager Germany
I have one older brother who is the spitting double of me.
An old girlfriend used to beat me up, honestly. I sometimes look back and think WFT was I doing letting that happen.
My partner is far too good for me, she's amazing in every single way.
I have a 15 year old step son
I have an 18 year old step son who's at University studying Marine Biology :confused: waaaaaay over my head.
I captained my home town ice hockey team before hanging my skates up, these are some of my proudest and fondest memories :coolwink:
I once played for 40 minutes with a broken wrist and little finger and then went to hospital after the game had finished.
I have never been to watch a game since retiring!!! It's to hard to just watch.
I have a Honda CBR600rr :cool:
My English Springer Spaniel was the highest placed Spaniel in UK agility in 2008.
I dance like a complete and utter nacker, my partner wont let me dance at party's :D
I love my xbox360
You have all just fallen asleep :sleepy1:

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1. I just LOVE cartoons of all sorts even though I'm almost 17 and most of my "celeb crushes" that normal teens would have are cartoon characters! Haha.
2. I think horror movies look neat and like seeing blood and guts, though I'm not murderous personally.
3. I am bisexual (and it's not a phase) and have had a girlfriend for almost 6 years.
4. I love Pokemon.
5. I like to draw but struggle with anatomy.
6. I have Asperger's syndrome, which is a mild form of autism that affects both personality and has neurological symptoms, i.e. poor fine motor skills (such as writing or being gentle with very small things, or wrapping gifts this Christmas - frustrating!)
7. The girlfriend I mentioned? Hates dogs, especially big ones, but has resigned to live with one or two as long as we're together. I've made it quite clear I can't live without at least one canine in my life!
8. I was scared of bees when I was little but can now photograph them with no problem. Spiders as well. Photography has helped me overcome those fears quite well.
9. I love taking photos! Photos of my pets, photos of my plants, photos of my friends who don't want me to take photos of them...
10. I have 3 pet rats and I grow carnivorous plants, i.e. pitcher plants, venus flytraps, sundews, etc.

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1. I was married at the age of 24 and had to live in a non functioning caravan!
2. I had my first child (Steven) when I was 25 Still in the caravan
3. Had my daughter at 26 1/2 When we moved to Germany
4. I had post natal depression
5. Moved back to england a year after
6. Left my husband took the kids with me (He was very controlling and abusive)
7. After being married 5 years I divorced
8. I lived in a womens refuge for a year
9. I met my loving partner Rich on an on-line game
10. My parents are divorced
11. My older sister stole my ex boyfriend off me and married him (I punched her in the eye lol)
12. I used to work for a newspaper
13. Ive had 3-4 jobs in the past without ever needing to be interviewed properly
14. I used to have a cavelier king charles called Poppy, but my ex husband sold her behind my back :(
15. I am so in love with Rich I know that we will get married
16. I love my family and Kenzie completes it :)

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Ok here goes.
1. I'm 30 years old.
2. I have 4 beautifull children, 2 boys 11 and 7 and 2 girls 10 and 11 months.
3. I have lived in Peterborough all my life although not the same part.
4. I like my life and am very gratefull for all the things I have.
5. I have had 2 long term relationships.
6. I dont get on with my mum, she seems to always let me down.
7. I have a dalmatian, chihuahua and 2 fluffy tabby cats that live outside. oh, and a betta fish called simon!
8. I miss not working, but would hate to leave my baby at a nursery.
9. I would Love to do a photography course at college.
10. I didnt do great at school.
11. I love the sun.
12. I am trying to grow my hair and its driving me MAD!
13. I'd love to live in the country.
14. I need to loose a stone to get back in my pre-pregnancy clothes.
15. I'm addicted to chocolate.
16. My partner is far to soft on me, but I love him very much.
17. I'm very house proud.
18. I love bubble baths.
19. I have nightmares about loosing my teeth.
20. I love this forum and am so pleased to have met you all.


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Man, you guys are a bunch of FREAKS!!!
Don't throw anything, I was just being goofy. I'll think on this awhile then
try to post something halfway interesting...;)

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I don't think I've done this before... if I have, it was forever ago and the information might be outdated. So, I'm going to give it a go.

1) I am Transgendered, came out just recently and it's not a phase.
2) I currently live with six dogs. Three of them are chihuahua mixes.
3) Though I love the toy breeds, the herders and the terriers will always have the softest spot of my heart.
4) I plan on showing corgis one day in agility, confirmation and obedience.
5) I'd also like to do herding trials.
6) I train dogs because it's fun.
7) For this reason, I'd love to be a dog trainer. However, I'm not sure I could deal with having to train the people.
8) Only three of the six dogs are mine. An American pit bull terrier, a shetland sheepdog mix and a corgi mix. The chihuahuas are not mine, though I feel like two of them are.
9) Aside from dogs, I love having guinea pigs as pets.
10) I'm American. ^^
11) After I get my adult diploma, I plan on going to police academy.
12) I'm a Law & Order nerd.
13) Actually, I love all movies, TV shows and video games about cops, detectives, S.W.A.T. and anything pertaining to the law.
14) Quoting the Garth Brooks: I'm much too young to feel this darn old.
15) Even though I know most people hate it, I LOVE country music.
16) Garth Brooks is my favorite singer.
17) I love horses but have never owned one.
18) I want a pet pig one day.
19) I was practically raised by my mother, though I did have a father figure in my life.
20) Most of my friends have either moved out of state or got married. I feel it's time for me to do the same. But I dun wanna. lol
21) I'm a V.C. Andrews fan.
22) I'm also a Harry Potter nerd. GO SLYTHERIN!!
23) My 10 favorite dog breeds are as follows (in order):
1-Pembroke Welsh Corgi
2-American pit bull terrier
3-Yorkshire terrier
4-Shetland sheepdog
5-Cardigan Welsh Corgi
7-Jack Russel Terrier
9-Dachshund (standard and miniature!)
10-Tie between Boxer and German shepherd dog :)
24) I forgot to say, I'm obsessed with Kurt Cobain and Nirvana. :coolwink:

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Here's a little about Bella's mommy!

1. My name is Amber.
2. I am 21 years old.
3. I have a crazy obsession for Chihuahuas and I would love to breed them when I get settled.
4. I am currently in college and majoring in Early Childhood Education. I want to be a Kindergarten teacher:)
5. I'm the oldest of four children.
6. I have really long hair and I have a phobia of cutting it off! Haha.
7. Addicted to shopping for myself and Bella! But I am a bargain shopper..I go for the deals! LOL:)
8. I really want to make my own small doggy clothing and sell them:) I started making tutus. They are adorable!
9. I am a very self-conscious person and always worried about my weight.
10. I love to sing and always dreamed of being famous:) Hahaha.
11. HATE cold weather..take me to the beach!
12. I'm a very nice, honest, and caring person.
13. I really dislike fighting and drama, and try to stay out of it.
14. Happily taken by my fabulous boyfriend of three years this month on the 28th:) He's my future husband! Hehe.
15. I find myself doing these stupid online contests alot and I am terrible at them!
16. I trust easily and I guess you could call me very naive. I try to see the best in people and it has hurt me many times.
17. Favorite color is PINK:)
18. I love bread, pasta, and smoothies. YUM!
19. I am from a very very small town in Ohio.
20. I was Homecoming Queen my senior year of high school! I was shocked!
21. Catholic and God is very important to me.
22. I'd say that I am very independent.
23. I have two jobs and pay for college and everything I own.
24. I tend to be pessimistic at times.
25. I love napping:) Especially with Bella because she is ALWAYS up for it!
26. I'm very short..and I hate it. I wear heels often to compensate for it.
27. I am on this forum wayyyy too much:)

That's a little about me:)

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cant believe i've not done this before!

1. i'm 23, will be 24 in july
2. lexie is the first dog i've owned. i was scared of dogs before i got her
3. i have a degree in psychology
4. i have a masters degree in psychological research methods
5. i love to go on holiday/vacation
6. i'd love to live in the USA, would go tomorrow if i could
7. i have 2 older brothers, one is 4 years older, the other 9 years older
8. we get on really well
9. my middle brother is in a rock band in london that are doing really well
10. they are stupidly protective of me
11. i have 3 cats
12. i am very loyal to my friends, they are my world
13. i started a job in november that was everything i ever wanted, but the people were awful to me so i walked out
14. i am currently a support worker for adults with autism, it can be very hard work
15. i get on very well with my parents.
16. me and mum go on holiday together for a week every year, we have a fab time
17. i've lived in the same house since i was born
18. i'm going to be maid of honour for my best friend at her wedding in september
19. I hate the dress
20. i have coeliacs disease
21. i am a very fussy eater
22. i can get very down sometimes about not being able to eat the things i want to.
23. i want to adopt a child from abroad

ummm cant think of anything else.

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Ok here goes.
1. I'm 30 years old.
2. I have 4 beautifull children, 2 boys 11 and 7 and 2 girls 10 and 11 months.
3. I have lived in Peterborough all my life although not the same part.
4. I like my life and am very gratefull for all the things I have.
5. I have had 2 long term relationships.
6. I dont get on with my mum, she seems to always let me down.
7. I have a dalmatian, chihuahua and 2 fluffy tabby cats that live outside. oh, and a betta fish called simon!
8. I miss not working, but would hate to leave my baby at a nursery.
9. I would Love to do a photography course at college.
10. I didnt do great at school.
11. I love the sun.
12. I am trying to grow my hair and its driving me MAD!
13. I'd love to live in the country.
14. I need to loose a stone to get back in my pre-pregnancy clothes.
15. I'm addicted to chocolate.
16. My partner is far to soft on me, but I love him very much.
17. I'm very house proud.
18. I love bubble baths.
19. I have nightmares about loosing my teeth.
20. I love this forum and am so pleased to have met you all.

AHHH! I also have nightmares about losing my teeth..ALL THE TIME! They are the worst, but I'm glad I'm not the only one!

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Ok here we go, i am not to good talking about my life so bare with me...........

1. My name is Nicola
2. I am 25 years old on the 27th of March
3. I live in a small country town called Casino, that is 45mins away from the East Coast of NSW Australia.
4. I am gay.
5. I have been in a relationship with my partner since i was 17 (so nearly 8 years)
6. She has 2 daughters and we are also foster carers for 2 siblings (brother and sister)
7. I still live in the town where i grew up, but was not born.
8. I live about 10mins from where my parents live.
9. I have 1 brother Jake who is 20 and is 6foot 7inches.
10. I am 5foot 6inches
11. My partner is philippino.
12. We have just added a chi puppy to our family...... Toby
13. We also have a german sheherd called Sheeba
14. Even though i am only 24 i have suffered from severe high blood pressure for 2 years.
15. I could sit and watch the simpsons all day.
16. I have always wanted to live somewhere cold.
17. The "normal" temp in the town i live is 100 degrees Fahrenheit
18. I am scared of drowning
19. I have night terrors
20. I have many many tattoos.

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Here's some information about me:
1. My Names Sarah
2. I've been 21 for the last 6 years and it will be 7 years in May
3. I have one little girl called Abigail she is 9 and has cerebral palsy, may have well of gone to a sperm bank as her dad is a total no hoper and we don't see him (luckily!)
4. I'm allergic to short coat Chi's but not long coat... really don't know why but end up on steroids if near a short coat for more than 24hrs
5. i have 2 tattoos one (well 4 little) on my back representing me and my daughter and one on my wrist which is a crown because my name means princess and i actually wish i was. Always said i'd marry prince william but mum said i was too old for him (i am 1 month older!!)
6. Am going to train as a make up artist once i save some more funds up, as i gave up my job to be with my daughter more!!
7. I LOVE Lipgloss
8. QVC is my favourite TV Channel haha
9. I Have a major expensive shoe habit and really small feet Uk3
10. I'mgoing to be on TV for 4 days in April.
11. My Gran is Burmese, My Grandad was Chinese and my dads family originate from Italy so we're total mix ups!!!
12. I HATE PEAS.. seriously HATE peas i get upset if someone puts them on my plate.
13. I really attract the wrong sort of men!!
14. i have a crush on Peter Andre... sad i know but that dudes body is amazing
15. This is me and my daughter.. please ignore my bra drying on the radiator!!!


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my turn :)

Im nearly 21 and i cant wait
I have a illness called Cystic Fibrosis
I have 2 older brothers, one who also has CF
Im very spoilt, im a little Princess
I love all things Pink
I hate flowers
I hate unbehaved kids lol
i have 5 nieces & nephews all from one brother!!
I really wanna be a mummy :)
My boyfriend is amazing and treats me right
i do some occasional modelling
i love modified cars and attend so many caar shows throughout the year
i havnt passed my test coz i get bored of learning to drive :(
I own a ford fiest zetec in hot magenta!! woop woop
My fave car ever is a VW Beetle Cabriolet!!
I have a device stitched to my ribs called a portacath ( its used because my veins collapse where i have to have IVs pumped through them so much :( )
i love fake nails.
i want very very white teeth!!
Katie Price is one of my idols!!
Im growing my hair really long l;ike repunzal!! :)
Im thinking of becoming a suicide girl!
i love posing and taking pictures of myself.
Although im quite insecure im quite a vain person lol
im very chatty
i love shopping and buying things
i currently have 8 tattoo's
i love hello kitty and all things JDM
ann summers is amzing :D
im always eating but i dont get fat
i hate excercising lol
i love dancing, always have.
im looking to move out into my own place with my boyfriend
my friends are amazing and care so much
im close to all of my family
im always up for an argument if someone brings it, i wont back down!! (tut tut lol)
I love having my eyebrows waxed
i love being tattooed
i have black hair
i hate my fringe lol
im looking for a LC chi boy

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Okay, here's for me...

1. I have lived in Canada for six months.
2. I love bubble wrap.
3. I'm naturally attracted to shiny things.
4. My favorite kind of music is rennaisance music (but I can't spell that!)
5. I became an aunt at age 8
6. I've swum with dolphins
7. My grandma has 22 cats
8. I love to write books, but I still have yet to back them up on disk(s)
9. I love math if I know how to do it...
10. I love fencing :D
11. I've been Homeschooled all my life.
12. I'm the only person I've ever met who knows about and has read the sequel to Charlie and the Chocolate factory. It's called Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator. Good book!

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I'll have ago at this:
My name is Kelly
I'm 30 years old (but don't feel it)
I have two children (boys)
I have a older brother in the army and a younger sister
I would love a daughter but my pug makes up for that
I've been married 4 years but been with oh 15 years
I'm a classroom assisstant
I passed my driving test when I was 18 but never drove again until I was 27
I'm quite a boring person
I love chocolate
I would love to be thinner
I have blonde hair
I've never broken a bone (touch wood)
I love having my hair played with (god it's so relaxing)
I would love to drink wine (can't find one I like)
I drink to much tea
I hate tomato skin
I'm never really ill (just a common cold now and again)
my favourite time of the day is bed time
I'd love to be able to draw
I'm scared of death
I have blue eyes
I lack in confidence
I love talking (about rubbish most of the time)
I wished I turn back time (would have loved my dad to live to see my kids)
I get paranoid easily
I moan all the time lol
I always feel I could be a better person
I hate liars
I find it hard to say no to people
I pray my kids will always be safe
I would like to have loads of mates lol (god I'm a loner)
I don't like old people (they can be nasty but my next door neighbour is a sweet old lady)
and I think that's it
Oh I'm really clumsy and forgetfull

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I will give it a go:

I am 27 years old
I married my high school sweet heart, and we are still madly in love.
I have two kids, 8 and 16 mo old.
I have lived in the same house my entire life, my husband and I bought it from my parents when they moved across the street to a smaller more manageable house about 6 years ago.
I love to cook, in fact I dabble in catering. My dream is to own my own restaurant.
I also love to drink wine, the older I get the more of a snob I become about it.
When I was little I was in an opera.
I love Florida, I can't imagine living anywhere else.
I live in a four-story house, and have three acres. My dogs love it!! I hate cleaning it :)
I am a Twilight Mom!!!

I could go on and on with random things, so I guess I will stop there!!

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This is a great idea! :D

1. I am crazy about cheesecake. :p
2. I'm 17, and unlike most people my age, I do not want to turn 18 and I'm already afraid of getting old!
3. I have 2 dogs; my chi Lucy and my border collie mix, Millie, and 2 Siamese cats; a blue point named Molly, and a seal point named Polly. My animals make my life whole. <3
4. One day (far, far away) I want to show and responsibly breed chihuahuas.
5. Most of the time I much prefer animals to people.
6. For some reason I get sick all the time. I always have a fever.
7. I love reading.
8. I love classic films/actors (Audrey Hepburn, Ingrid Bergman).
9. I love 50's music.
10. I have a collar obsession. My dogs don't need new collars all the time, but I can't help it. :p

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My name is Stacia...sounds like Staysha
1.I'm a 35 year old caucasion female.
2.I've been happily married for 17 years..pretty much half of my life.
3.I started my family very young and don't regret a thing.
4.I hate to cook.
5.My only brother is in jail.
6.I'm a grandmother to one grandaughter.
7.I'm a nurturer by nature.
8.I'm trying to lose a few pounds.
9.I have three teenage children.
10.I still like my husband.
11.I am a nascar fan.
12.I dropped out of school in the tenth grade.
13.I'm a registered nurse.
14.My husband and I made a deal: He takes care of spiders, I take care of puke.
15.I have a hard time trusting people.
16.I love tacos.
17.I've never claimed to be a domestic diva.
18.I get dressed so I'm not naked.
19.I'm not a "kid" person, well mine, but would never choose to surround myself with other peoples kids.
20.I have never been hurt, betrayed, or abused by an animal.

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1 ) I am doing a degree in Criminology but I realised that I am doing the wrong thing and want to be a GP or a vet.
2) I am 20 years old
3) I have High Blood Pressure, Renal artery disease, only one of my kidneys works properly and the walls of my heart have become thickened.
4) I am English/ Irish and have over 50 first cousins-thanks to Irish catholicism!
5) I moved in to an appartment with a complete stranger last Novemeber.
6) I would like to move to South Africa when I finish studying, as my dad worked there for most of my childhood.
7) I am obsessed with Chihuahuas, dogs in general and local history.
8 I am five foot tall and spend my life wishing I was tall and elegant.
9) I shop in the kids sections sometimes for my clothes.
10) I am a barmaid at a typical Old English pub which is over a hundred and fifty years old.
11) I work as a dog socialiser at Manchester Dogs Home.

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I just realized I never did this so here goes..

I live in Kenmore, NY
I'm 41 years old
I am a huge animal lover
I'm a vegetarian
I'm an atheist
I place great importance on being kind
I'm not judgmental, I believe in live and let live
I believe you can cultivate anything your heart desires
I try to stay away from negative people
I always try to stay true to myself
I love music, all genres
I love my iPod
I love Spring
I love classic films/classic stars
My favorite book is Le Petit Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupery
I love fog
I love long walks
The village I live in was named one of 10 greatest neighborhoods in the US
I love a good book
I love reading biographies
I love the Discovery channel and A&E
I love art
I'm afraid of flying
I love a nice glass of wine
I drink a lot of peppermint tea
I love to eat
I stay fit by running
I eat tons of broccoli
I have 1 brother who is 11 years older than me
I've been friends with my best friend for 30 years
I love photography
I love taking baths
I find loud talkers nerve-wracking
I dislike when people whine and complain about everything
I dislike pettiness
If I drink a single cup of coffee I'm up all night
I love my chihuahua's :)
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