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1. My name is Amy!
2. Im from Devon which is southwest england
3. I am 25 years old
4. U all know i have 2 chi`s Lola and Penny!
5. I work at my local hospital, im a auxillery nurse on care of the elderly ward
6. I love holidays! fave place i been is India!
7. The only hobbies i have really is any thing i can do with chi`s!
8. I dont smoke or drink but i do like to pamper myself!
9. I have a fat ginger cat called Tillywilly
10. Im on facebook if u want to know anything else :D

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1. I am 27 and went to the dentist today for the first time in nineteen years.
2. I have married, divorced, and remarried. Hubby #2 is the love of my life. I have two children and want one or two more.
3. I once believed chihuahuas were yappy mean little ankle biters
4. My mother is bipolar, as is one of my three sisters. My ex husband is also bipolar.
5. I am a sign language interpreter and feel extraordinarily blessed to have such a skill.
6. I pray every day.
7. I love my dogs as I love my children.
8. I don't eat pork or beef, not because of religious beliefs but because I don't like meat.
9. I cannot whistle. At all.
10. The past two years have been the happiest of my life. :)

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Ok, what to tell.... Obviously I dont need to state my name :lol:

1. I am 30 years old
2. I am a self employed Personal Fitness Trainer & Pilates instructor (plus LOADS of other fitness & diet stuff)
3. I use to a semi professional show jumper
4. I dropped out of school 6months early and still passed ALL GCSE's
5. I dont want or have any kids... pets are enough for me :p
6. I live with my boyfriend of 2 1/2 years in Northampton Town Centre &love him loads.
7. I recently had a big operation on my knee after injuring it :(
8. I am addicted to shoe shopping :) Love it and use to have over 200 pairs (recently charity bagged most of them)
9. I gave up smoking 36 days ago (yes I know a fitness professional that smoked... HOW BAD!)
10. I am constantly accused of looking grumpy, but rarely am... its just my "frown lines"
11. I am the youngest of 4 kids, my brother is 12 years older than me.
12. I am a equine physiotherapist
13. I met David Beckham when at Wembley once.

Woop woop nothing too great about me :)

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I'm new to the forum and haven't posted yet (other than my introduction), but this seems like a good place to start.

~I just turned 26 last week
~I'm the oldest of 3 girls
~I've been a vegetarian for 14 years
~I have a B.S. in Biology, but can't find a job in my field so I'm working as a 3rd shift kennel assistant at an emergency veterinary hospital
~I'm now going back to school for a second bachelors in nursing
~I have two dogs...Emi-chihuahua and Eloise-shih tzu
~I love my little girls, but my favorite breed is the australian shepherd
~I drive a Honda Civic
~I love photography and water

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I dunno if anyone will read this, but feel like writing...

Going places is a focus of my life. I have built my life around it because you could say it is my passion. I studied massage for the purpose of being able to live in different countries. Ideally I would like to move to another country temp and work at a holistic massage practice. Being self employed was another plan leaving the door open so I could take off.
When fraud related furnace/soot so rudely interupted my life, I was on my way to opening my own massage room and working towards a license so I could work in other countries.

When I moved away from my parents house for the first time to attend college, a lot of pet fish ending up eventually dying in misery. People who said they wanted to adopt were flaky, which resulted in pet fish being left at my parents house. Parents limited the amount of aquariums so two larger fish that ended up being bullies were in isolation tanks without proper homes.

I spend more time trying to find new homes for the pets, then I spent on preparing for myself to move away. Then I spent more time coming back and spending some vacation time trying to re-home pets.
I had a couple of people tell me what a cruel person I was to move away and go to college, when I should have cancelled college to stay home with the pet fish that were having re-homing issues.
I've lost track of how much time I've spent re-homing animals for moving away.
I cannot stay back for months each time I want to move away because I am re-homing animals, I'll never get anywhere.

From these experiences, I don't want to choose between compromises for myself or making compromises for my critters.
I decided any critter that lives with me falls into two catergories; they either are OK with me moving away for a while with min. care and or being re-homed when I'm gone longer...OR...they travel with me.
This means I keep only lower maitenance aquariums that are understocked and have automatic feeders. Every aquarium is setup to be able to be left alone for a month. If I am gone longer, the fish are to be re-homed. I have tried to line up potential homes for fish I care about more so I can avoid the lengthly re-homing hassles.

For my critters, I don't want to leave behind.
Since I feel cargo travel is too risky for dogs, that meant choosing a critter who can fit under an airplane seat. I decided flying squirrels are too destructive so you can guess where this is going.
If people have so much hate for me leaving pet fish behind when I moved away, just think how people would hate me a lot more if I got a larger dog or other critter that couldn't go with me that I re-homed each time I left.

The other focus of my life is the toy and animation industries. I've worked very hard at times trying to produce quality art-work.
Before fraud related soot issues, I was a working artist trying to get to the next level.
To be clear, this is not warm, fuzzy, express yourself hobbyist art that is done when one has extra time.
This is "hardcore" done as a regular job type of art. The pursuit of quality starts after gobbling up a bowl of cereal in the morning until it's getting dark out and I discover I'm really hungry and might need to go to bed soon stuff. OK, so maybe it's more then a 9-5 hour job.

It's hard to explain to people that I cannot become an hobby artist anymore, my beliefs in quality run too deep and the pursuit of quality takes far too much time and energy to fill the role of hobby. How to explain it?....This is a way of life, in that it involves a lifestyle and has some beliefs tied to it.

I've felt that I could not get anywhere economically producing cartoon art, even of the highest quality without becoming highly specialized and taking it to the next level.
It's very easy to have an un paid/volunteer job in this field if you don't work your butt off and who wants that?. Or more accuratly who can afford to work all day without pay coming in eventually.
This means I would be taking my art as far as I can locally and then temp moving away to an animation school to take a class. This will be done in hopes of me getting a better paid artists' job ( OK oxymoron statement with typical artist salaries?).
I did have a second career /massage work if my art fails complelety so I will never be un-employed again I hope.

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! waws gonna read overy one of these posts until I saw there were 74 pages.. gulp...

anyway meee...

1) 45 years old
2) Have two brothers, one older and one younger
3) Never married
4) Have a 25 year old son (His father died 11 years ago)
5) Have two horses Kyle and Spike and two Chihuahua's Jake and Red
6) Competed successfully in National Driving Trails
7) Don't drink or smoke
8) Registered Disabled
9) Broke my back last year
10) Spent last three years having one accident after another
11) Now been in hospital for 11 weeks (had two collapsed lungs)
12) Animal lover (apart from pigs, not keen on pigs)

Could go on and on but decided not to

Deme x

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I love things like this. What a great idea!:hello1: i will admit I cannot read 74 pages though :foxes15:

1. I am an army wife to a soon-to-graduate special forces soldier.
2. I have a 2 year old (as of march 7th 2011) and he will be my only child.
3. During labor my blood pressure reached 180/120, and I almost had a stroke.
4. I am very awkward around children. They annoy me to no end, but I do love my child and (most) of my good friends' children.
5. I witnessed the birth of my very best friend's child. She witnessed the birth of my child. We have a bond that will never, ever be broken.....and we met online!
6. My husband has been deployed twice. Once before I met him, and once while we were married.
7. I am a gambling addict. I have a tattoo that reminds me never to go back. Its a "poker hand" of cards. 3,7,6,5,9, 3/7 being my son's birthday, and 6/5 being when I got married. The 9 is for 2009. It also says "know when to hold em" around it, which is from a song guessed it..."the gambler" (kenny rogers)
8. I have 13 tattoos total.
9. I have recently had thyroid cancer removed. i will never again have the same emotions I had when I was told I had cancer.
10. I live in Oklahoma with my parents right now, but will soon be moving to North Carolina where my husband will be stationed at Ft Bragg.
11. My favorite movie of all time is First Blood.
12. My dog, Vanna, is named after Vanna White. My grandmother watched Wheel of Fortune religiously, and got me hooked on it. I think Vanna White is absolutely gorgeous. She seems to get more beautiful every year!
13. I am 25 and will be 26 in august. My husband is younger than me by only a few months.
14. I make dog clothes, and plan to sell a few of them once I improve more.
15. I am absolutely the most spoiled wife I know. For valentine's day I got a chi baby, $700 worth of new clothes, a swarovski collar for Vanna, and a carrier for Vanna that was almost $90. I also got a 64 gb ipad with 3g....we won't go into how much that costed. My husband spoils me with no complaint, and even if he didn't I would still love him, which is why it feels so good to be spoiled!
16. I drive a convertible, and I love it!!!!!!!
17. i do scrapbooking, and I have a TON of supplies. We are moving into a huge 3 bedroom apartment just so I can have my own room for my crafts and scrapbooking (see: #15)
18. Its very hard for me to make friends. I am a private person, Im picky about who I talk to, and it seems as though if someone disagrees with me, Im a mortal enemy.
19. I do not drink or smoke. My husband is an alcoholic and has been sober for 6 months.
20. I am curently taking online classes for my AS in Criminal Justice. I want to be a police officer. My husband transferred his GI Bill to me so I could get as much schooling as possible. I am now able to get as high as a Masters, plus certifications because of that money.
21. I am a Christian, and I am blessed to have the live that I do. My main social life is through church. Theres a special feeling that comes with having friends and being accepted for who I am, and knowing that I am loved, blessed, and cherished.
22. I am losing my hair and losing weight. If i lose enough hair, I am getting a dolly parton wig and will wear it with STYLE!

Whew! Thats all! Theres no rhyme or rhythm to mine...just random stuff! Boy do I feel better!

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hmm what and interesting thread thats a lot of reading Lol

I am 26 gonna be 27 in June
I have been with my bf for almost 7 years I call him my hubby even tho we are not married
I have 3 chihuahuas
i am going to school to get my degree in animal science
I grew up in an abusive household
i have moved 42 times in my life
I suffer from depression
I have been overweight since i was 5 and and trying so hard not to be
I have 2 sister and 5 step siblings
I have no feelings for my Biological father
My mom suffers from alcoholism
I used to have a drug problem
I used to drink a lot but now i can hardly stand it
I was told I can never have children
Hubby and I are adopting in 2 years
I hate when people don't change the toilet paper roll and leave cupboard doors open
I want to go to Mexico
I would like to be an animal cruelty officer
I think thats all for now lol :)

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1) I'm still in my teens, I'm mature but rarely get taken seriously due to my age.
2) I am psychologically abused by my mum, and she has physically hit me in the past.
3) I'm a strong person, nothing bothers me and I can be and will be strong for those around me. I'm laid back and very rarely get annoyed of phased by anything. I stand up for what is right to me, regardless of who I am arguing with.
4) I have been on crutches for 4 months due to a football injury, I'm quite sporty. I could do with loosing a bit of weight, but given the amount I eat I'm lucky I'm not a lot bigger!
5) I'm more of a night person, and I have incredibly alert senses. I can walk around in pitch black and now where everything is. I can tell where my dogs are by there foot steps and I can also see a person in pitch black on the opposite side of a field. I have a pretty poor sense of smell though.
6) I never had anything wrong with me until i turned 11, since then I have had heart surgery, badly damaged my knee and have had a continuous headache for over 8 months.
7) I'm very clumsy. If something could happen, it will. I loose my balance a lot, and have run into a glass door in the past and knocked it off its hinges.
8) My pets mean the world to me.


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about me
1. lisa
2 31
3 live in west sussex uk
4. i live with my boyfriend
5. i have a daughter who is 8
6. we have 2 cats a guini pig gerbil and our 7 week chug
7. ive been married once and im ment to be getting married again next year at some point
8. ive allways had pet from a very young age
9. i love going for walks and listening to music

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Interesting thread!

1. My name is Malin, I'm 21 and Swedish.
2. I suffer from depression and battled bulimia for 3 years, and I still don't feel good enough.
3. I moved to the UK alone when I was 16 to work with racehorses, a sport I now have a love/hate relationship with. Mainly hate now tbh.
4. I bought my chi (Fudge) when I lived in the UK, but we now live in Sweden.
5. I honestly don't know what to do with my life. :(
6. I love music and films, especially horror ones!
7. I'm scared of being in a relationship because my last one ended really badly.
8. Favourite flower is hibiscus, and I'd love to get a tattoo of one near my hipbone.
9. I don't like the taste of alcohol at all.
10. I'd do anything for Fudge, he is my everything. Without him I'd be lost.

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1. My name is Theresa I am 52 years old my birthday is Nov 17th.
I am a Born again Christian and love my Lord and Savior more than anything or anyone. I am In His Service.
2. I am remarried for 6 years now to a super great guy named Daryl he is 9 years younger than me. He works as a medical equipment tech. We got married Aug 19th in Niagara Falls American side..
2. I had my 1st child at 17, His name was Shawn, He passed away in 2003.
3. I have my daughter Dawn she is 32 years old married and adopted her husbands 3 kids, who I love and are my grand kids. Shy-Ann, Kaleb, Logan. they all live 1 1/2 away.
4. My husband has 4 girls, and 2 grandchildren. they live 3 hours away.
5. I used to be very close to my Mom and my younger sister but I became a Christian 5 years ago and they hate it and disowned me. My Mom health is very poor on hospice and she still wont see me. I went to hospital and told me to leave.
6. I used to raise Pomeranian's I had to put my last one down about 3 months ago. It broke my heart and cried for weeks.
7. I got my Amberleah lou lou 3 weeks ago, fills my heart with joy and love.
We live in Michigan in the Manisttee National Forest. We are totally gutting our home and redoing it. Our Mater bedroom is done and living room, the kitchen is gutted ready to rebuild.
8. Our house came so very close to burning down on Monday May 17th. Neighbors house burnt down and our just started on fire and Fire department came after I screamed to God to save our house, and my cat. I got the birds out and other cat and Amberleah out safely next door.
9. We own house next door. We bought it two years ago very cheap. the people paid 45 K for it 4 years ago lost it trashed it we got it for 12 K. we are fixing up to be guest house and for Missionary to stay while in town.
10. I am disabled. I have RSD in right ankle and Fibromyalgia, and Raynard, Interstitial cystitis (Ulcers in Bladder)
Just quit our church after lots of Prayer, The church is failing and the board member s are not qualified and not staying with the bible and we went fro 200 people to about 23 and they drove our pastor away. My husband was sound man and Sunday school super superintendent, and I was Sunday school secretary and ran the VBS.
Miss the people who left and some that are still there.
11. I love to Garden and love feeding wild birds, I have lots of feeders and bird houses.
12. Scared to death of snakes alive or dead. Every time I go out side I say a prayer.
12. for 3 years I worked a product demonstrator at walmart store. I left because how walmart employees treated me so bad.
13. I am very picky eater.
14. I don't drink alcohol or smoke. I do have to take prescription pain medication. If I didn't I wouldn't be able to get out of bed.
15. I am not morning person. But up at 7:30am husband and new Amerleah wakes me up. That's OK I love them.
Well better stop I could write a book.
I have a FB page anyone wants to be my friend.
Welcome to Facebook - Log In, Sign Up or Learn More
Also have a Glory to God Fb page.
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I am 22
My husband and I celebrated our 1 year wedding anniversary in may this year
Weve been trying for a baby since I was 18/19 but nothing has come of it, so we had Pixie.
I am a size 18 and would like to loose weight.
I am a nail technician, and write for the uk's leading nail magazine Scratch. I have a monthly column in their.
I am a keen amature photographer, I photograph landscapes mainly.
I have gorgeous guinea pigs, hairy and hairless:p
I have been with my husband for 6 years
I love art and drawing
I have a diploma in psychology
I never worked for 6 years due to having terrible depression but I am feeling alot better now and will be on medication for the rest of my life
I love reading and watching dvds
I love shoes and bags as you dont have to be skinny to wear them! :hello1:
I follow Wicca as a religion
My husband, family, fur babies and home are my life!

I cant think of anything else lol

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I'm 19.
I live in Devon, England. And yes I do have the countryside accent, haha.
I live with my mum and brother. And Daisy of course.
My parents split up when I was about 9. Haven't seen my dad for about 7 years now.
My beautiful Daisy May was a very longed for puppy. Mum 'didn't do dogs', but eventually gave in, but now she 'does do dogs' and loved D to bits!
I am very close to my grandparents on my mums side. We see them most days.
I was the first in my family to go to college. I studied Psychology, Human Biology, Health and Social care, and General Studies.
I was also the first to go to university. Ive finished my first year of Early Childhood Studies, got 2 years left and I love it.
I want to own my own day nursery.
I am practically glued to my iPhone. Most of my browsing online and my facebooking is via my iPhone.
I don't have a job. I help my mum out a lot because she runs her own business.
I will have a job in September being a nanny for a little boy. He's starting school so I'll be looking after him after picking him up.
I like to watch tv, movies, and chill with my mum and my little girly Daisy <3

That's all I can think of for now.

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I'm obsessed with starbucks
I've moved 40 times
I want nothing more that to own a house (3 bedroom 2 bath)
Reptiles are my hobby
I love John William Waterhouse paintings
I don't want kids

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I am 33
I have been with my Husband Matt for 16 years and married for 14 years this october
We had our Pagan Handfasting this time last year
I am a professional Musician
I play 16 instruments but my main 3 are, Violin, Clarinet and Saxophone (These are the ones I teach)
I have recorded 2 CDs of Classical and Baroque Violin and Guitar repertoire
and 1 CD of Piano Trio works
My favourite hobby is drawing, painting, generally making a mess with paint, plaster, clay etc. anything crafty!
I am FAT!! but I am trying to lose weight!! (seriously... HUGE!)
I can't have kids (it's ok... I prefer my puppy)
I am Diabetic and have loads of boring health issues
I follow the Pagan - Druidic path
I have 8 tattoos
I have never had a manicure, pedicure or any beauty treatment :( haha

I am pretty boring really. :)

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I am 33
I have been with my Husband Matt for 16 years and married for 14 years this october
We had our Pagan Handfasting this time last year
I am a professional Musician
I play 16 instruments but my main 3 are, Violin, Clarinet and Saxophone (These are the ones I teach)
I have recorded 2 CDs of Classical and Baroque Violin and Guitar repertoire
and 1 CD of Piano Trio works
My favourite hobby is drawing, painting, generally making a mess with paint, plaster, clay etc. anything crafty!
I am FAT!! but I am trying to lose weight!! (seriously... HUGE!)
I can't have kids (it's ok... I prefer my puppy)
I am Diabetic and have loads of boring health issues
I follow the Pagan - Druidic path
I have 8 tattoos
I have never had a manicure, pedicure or any beauty treatment :( haha

I am pretty boring really. :)
I will do your nails for you! hehe :D

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1. I am 22
2. I'm a mother of a 3 year old boy
3. Stepmother of a 7 year old girl
4. Husband and I do not have bio kids yet
5. I have 2 bunnies, 2 turtles and fish (my chi is not here yet)
6. Spanish is my first language
7. I'm a proud atheist
8. I was raised a catholic
9. I have a passion for beauty products and actually collect a lot of it.
10. I think that gory pictures are interesting (to see the different shapes a human body can take) see how blood and bones stick out.
11. I have read and researched how to perform an autopsy.
12. I crave to have a baby girl the summer of 2013
13. I will resent my hair forever, because I'm obsessed with natural straight hair. Like asian hair.
14. I have no family in this country.
15. I think fries dipped in ice cream taste good.
16. I'm currently obssessed with a cereal named SMORZ by kelloggs...
17. I will be graduating college on May 2012
18. I want to have a rescue cat, rescue dog and lovebirds one day
19. I have been in so many different countries but my favorite ones are France and switzerland
20. I usually change my nail polish color about 2-3 times a week.
21. My garage looks like a hoarders' garage, I hate it and avoid going in there.
22. Our water heater just went bad, and we have been showering with cold water for the last 2-3 weeks
23. I miss my mom
24. I hate ghetto people
25. I'm a freak and always have been about my grades in high school and college.
26. I got pregnant a day before I was coming to this country to go to college
27. My dad pays for my college
28. I am obssessed with my iphone
29. One day I WILL own a BMW
30. I feel bad when people lose in those game shows in t.v (hubby feels good when they lose)
31. I haven't talked to my son's bio dad in like 2 years
32. I don't clean my fridge as much as I should.
33. I was randomly born in mexico because my dad was working there at the time for about 4 years. I have no family from mexico and i have never been back.
34. I don't smoke, or drink
35. I have never broken a bone
36. I dont have a lot (any) friends really...
37. I like to read, but I am extremely selective and if I'm not entertained by the first few pages, I'm done with the book.
38. I absolutely hate the way I was proposed to "marry him"
39. I'm always sniffing my husband's and son's armpits and feet...hahahaha

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1) I am 20 Years old
2) I have know my bf for years but we had a falling out
3) because of that falling out (2 years long) we were able to get together
3.5) He is 7 years older than me (27)
4) We have been living together for 9 months
5) I almost left him we had a very very long talk and finally things have clicked
6)We have been together 1 year 8 months
7) I am CANADAIAN lol very proud of it ;)
8 ) I have a tattoo for a past dog
9) I wanted a dog for 6 years before I could get Bijoux
10)I am getting my honors degree in labour studies and Indigenous studies
11) I have generalized anxiety; very few people know this and I refuse to take medication for it
12) I am a latchkey child
13) I just met my bff in feb
14) I secretly want to be a dog trainer but am not confident enough
15) My dream is to have a car
16) I do NOT want kids yet nobody in my family seems to believe me...
17) I'm in love with the challenge and stereotyping of bully breeds I would love a cane corso
18 ) I secretly have panic attacks I have never told anyone
19) I don't go to the dr unless I'm very sick I don't want to bug them
20) Apparently I love talking about myself
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