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little monkey not eating his dog food ...

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tykes gone of his dogge food! he has not eaten any dog food for the last 8days! he does like the food i give him (cesar) ive tryed all dog food and its the only one he eats..well did intill 8days ago..

the only thing he will eat is human food!!!

every day i give him his dog food and he just wont go near it..he dont like dry food!
so im havin to feed him freash meat... like mince etc

what shall i do with him ..?? i leave it till 4pm every day intill i give in and give him any meat last night he had to have my tuna!!!

shall i just leave the dog food and do the freash meat everyday..?
is there some kind of dog food that is freash meat :?
thanks for any help

star x
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Human food = bad.

Thats why it's called human food. My babies get so crook after eating heavy doses of human food. But don't tell anyone i share with Pepi. Shh.
it's really not good for your chi to go 8 days without eating dog food.... you're creating one SUPER spoiled chi.

have you tried wetting the dry food? you can put some warm water on it and stick it in the microwave for about 5-10 seconds (just to make it warm) and see if he likes it that way.

you can also try chicken broth-- LOW SODIUM chicken broth that its... or you could mix like 1 tablespoon of wet food with his kibble.

another option is hand feeding. good luck!!! :wave:
You also might try mixing a teensy bit of wet food in with the dry and slowly phasing it out until there's nothing but dry in there.

I used water to wet down Cooper's food when he was a puppy and he had no problems after that.
When I was having a very difficult time finding a dog food that Jasmine would eat and that was good for her, I would boil a couple of chicken breast and chop them up fine. You can portion it out, keep in the freezer and thaw as needed. I would add a small amount of the chopped meat and wet her kibble with a little of the chicken broth. She loved that. I just gradually decreased the amount of chicken and broth until she was only getting the dry kibble. She doesn't like it as well, but she will eat it.

She still occasionally gets days where she just won't eat, and when she does, I open a can of low sodium chicken broth, wet her food with it, and warm just a little in the microwave. I've also tried adding a little cheese on top before warming it.

Just a few suggestions you might try. Feeding a diet of strictly human food is definitely not good for them. They are not getting enough of all the vitamins and minerals they need.
Lola has been the same for the past couple of weeks its gradually got worse and she used to love her food! I got really worried too! I spoke to my breeder and it could be to do with the weather we are having here in the UK. Her dogs have all gone off their food too. And sometimes Chi's just decide they don't want to eat and later in the day decide they are actually hungry! lol. Anyway, I was going to change her food to see if that worked but she told me not to! She said that dogs will not starve themselves like cats can. Unless there is something else wrong, they will eat if and when they are hungry! I would advise also not to feed your baby human food otherwise you will never get him to eat dog food! Also if they think something better might be on the horizon they will hold out for it in case!! Smart eh!? :D I'd hang on in there with him and just keep putting down his usual food. As long as he is drinking he'll eat when he feels like it!

Good Luck & hope that helps!

Lucie & Lola :wave:
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Hi ya

tyke had a whole blow of dog food last night :) not on his own tho i had to hand feed him..and this morning i mixed some chesse (his fav) in with his dog food and he licked the bowl clean..:) looks like hes back to eating the little monkey just as i really start to worry he turns it all :)

i wont give him any human food anymore...and then hopfuly he will see that theres nothing better coming later :)

tyke gets the runs when he has chicken even if its chicken in his dog food!
im going to try wetting the dry food like you say :)

thanks for all your help...this website is like magic..everytime i have a problam the day later theres no
thank you
star x
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