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I'm deeply sorry for your loss of Nemo. It is always difficult to lose a loved one, especially when the death is so tragic as it was with Nemo. What is important to remember is how much you loved him and how happy he was, I believe dogs like humans are placed on this earth for a reason, and Nemo's reason was to provide love and joy to those he met. I know he succeeded his purpose and he would want you to remember him for that and not his death.

Accidents do happen, and however much responsibility we think we have in retrospect, we cannot blame ourselves for an "accident" since by nature, they are out of our control. Nemo was loved by you and by us, and even though we cannot reach him with our hands, he will live in our hearts.

Kind Regards, Nate, Kristin, Sadie, and Ritz
1 - 1 of 86 Posts
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