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I have 12 Mini Dummys for sale.
No one is the same as all got different colours!
Perfect for Chihuahuas or other small breeds.

1: black/brown
2: black/grey
3: black/purple
4: burgundy/grey
5: purple/grey
6: blue polka dot/grey
7: pink polka dot/purple
8: pink polka dot/baby pink
9: pink polka dot/white
10: beige/brown
11: purple/brown
12: blue polka dot/white

Perfect as little christmas gifts or for secret santa!

Each Mini Dummy is £1.25 + p&p! I do combined p&p if more than one is bought.


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Yes, they are toys. Dummys are usually used for retrieving and those have the perfect size for Chihuahuas :).
Awesome! Mine likes to chew and chew until whatever it is gets destroyed. May I ask what they're made of?
How do we purchase on here, do we just ask in the thread or do we PM, or is the link to the store somewhere?
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