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i think the people might honestly belive their cat had puppies, and i think a simple blood test to put their mind right might be a good idea.
what do i think of the posibitily fo a cat giving birth to puppies.
its genetically impossible, thats like a human and a dog...a human cannot give birth to puppies, its genetically impossible, the genetic material doesnt add together properly and the body would automatically reject the new genetic matter...
could the 2 mate...yes (thought not very likely), could they produce viable offspring NO.
the cats been bred by a neighbourhood stray cat, and pribably inherited the pups, especially in an area where the mother dog probably a stray has been hit by a car, or otherwise killed, a pregnant close to birhting female of most animal species will take on babies that are around "the right age"

on animal planet not to long back there was a documentary, a Cheetah whos cub had died, ADOPTED a young orphand gazelle. these 2 common prey and predator lived together, the mother cheeta tried to feed the gazelle. unfortunatly the gazzelle passed away after starvation he was not old enough to survive completly without his mothers milk (he was around the weaning age so could eat a little brush but still not strong enough to go long without moms milk) but the cheetahs had dried up due to lack of food. the mother cheetah managed to keep the baby alive and safe for 2 months, and when the gazelle baby died she stayed by it side for a week. when she finally left its body (to hunt) another cheetah stole the carcass as nature works, the poor female cheetah spent hours calling for the gazelle.

nature works in crazy ways...i do hope they give this mother cat the chance to raise those pups though, because it could be devastating to her if they take them away unnessicarily.
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