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Long coat 7month

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ahhhh, how can they want to get rid of her :( she is beautiful. Do we know anyone that is looking for a longcoat, it would be great to help :)
she is stunning i e mailed the people im sure i can squeeze room for a itle baby girl but she must have gona as no response what a pretty pup
aaah, what a nice thing to do!
Hope you hear back from her, she is an absolute corker :)
i know her colour is great she is so pretty and looks like she has great personality to and my mum has kinda stole britney lol she fell in love with her ha
They have put another ad on their today, asking £800 for her :( . Not sure they are really looking for a fab new home, just looking for lots of money :(
yeah iv just seen that thanks my finances are a bit troubled at the mo so i better leave it what a smashing little pup though
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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