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long coat help and advice needed!!!!

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hi all i wondered if anyone could help me i have been showing jacob for a while now but as he is getting older he is getting behind all the other pups in the fact that his coat wont grow any longer and today we had show and the judge kept putting him last and stated it was coz his coat is there any herbel thing that i can give him to encourage it to grow some1 has told me primrose oil tablets thanks
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I just posted this on your other thread. Sorry it may not be much help as it helped the thickness of Callie's hair but not the length.

Aww that's too bad. He is still such a handsome boy.

When Callie was younger she actually developed bald spots. The vet gave me some Omega 3 fatty acid oil to put on her food once a day. Her coat thickened up almost immediately! She just turned 9 mos. old and her coat looks about like Jacob's as far as length. It is taking forever for it grow long! I have heard that it can take up to 3 years for them to get their full coat. :?
How old is Jacob? They do blow their coats and it can take what seems like forever for it to come in. Thats why I have to wait to start showing Sissy, because of her coat. :? and yes the omgea fatty acids are wonderful :D
I'd give him omgea fatty acids too ( some complete foods do have it in already )
How old is he ?

It can take up to 3 years for their full coat to come in and Im sure if hes less than this the judges will understand :wave:
he is only 8 and 1/2 months he has done real good showing but the judge seemed to go more for the ones with alot of coat but then most of them was older but compared to his brother he is so different his bro has lots of coat but is quite a bit bigger iv just brought some of the omega so il see if it works and keep you all updated thanks
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