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Look closely at the polka dots...there is a dog in there!

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Okay. Eden and Ruby love the little sling I bought on etsy. NEVER intended for it to hold 2 or I would not have gotten the XS.
Anyway, I wanted to see if they would notice if I took it off and hung it on the door. They did not.
Look closely at the second pic. Ruby is laying down unseen and Eden's head is up and her little "Irish markings" make the fawn triangles above her eyes blend in with the polka dots!
Had to share.

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Oh my gosh!!! SO cute!!! :)
That's really adorable, looks so cozy!
What brand is it?
Awwww, that's so cute! I can't believe they just stayed in the bag like that.
care to give a plug for the etsy person you got that from? would love one for my the second pic ..she blends in so well lol
That's adorable. I have a carrier for Twiggy, but she won't voluntarily go in or stay in it.
They love it! We call it "the purse". All I have to do is say that and those two go crazy. They would be in it for hours. If it is sitting on he floor, they will get in it. Hope is NOT interested.
I will sometimes put it on, put them in it and then I have total hands free for computer, reading and in the laundry or kitchen.
If you are crafty at all, this would be a breeze to make. I am not so I bought it!
It is fleece. It has a pillow bottom. She also sewed in an elastic with a latch on it intended to attach to a harness.

Here is the seller that I bought it from:
Custom made soft fleece sling dog pet carrier by petcollarsandmore
That is so adorable, even the pink insides of her ears blend in perfectly. It's a challenge wrangling 2 pups at time so one of these would come in handy!
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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