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look how austin fell asleep

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his nose is all the way in my shoe :D
Thats too cute dont they fall asleep in the weirdest places :scratch: Gotta love em :thumbright:
That's too cute!! :D My old cat used to love shoes and sleep in them all the time :lol: :wave:
I think they love sticking their noses in things that smell like us. How sweet is that??? Love that little Austin. :)
they are so adorable when they are asleep :wink:

kisses nat
That is precious....puppies do the sweetest things! :)
LOL how cute!! Your shoe must've smelled really good! :wink:
Oh how cute :D Auggie did that from day one the first time we ever left him alone and he still does. As soon as we leave he goes and puts his head on my flipflop and goes to sleep :D :D :D
Did he fall asleep or pass out? He must be a frat boy! Just kidding! :D He's a cutie and so is that pic.
He is cute. Cocoa seems to like the dirty clothes basket. If I would let him play there, but there is something about sweating and snuggles.

Jennie cocoasmama
that pic is so cute! Chico likes to chew on shoes, but not sleep in them, :lol:

my cat Gizmo, on the other hand, falls asleep with his head inside shoes.
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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