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Look what I found on the bathroom floor...

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Every morning when I take my shower I open the bathroom door to this little thing in my way. I think she's trying to tell me, "mommy I want a shower too!" hehe She looooves her bathtime.
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You know I have noticed the same thing outside my shower when I get out...I wonder if this is an outbreak :shock:

Mine have seemed to started off as just a black and tan one but now a fawn one has mysteriously appeared

LOL they are too cute arnt they. I just love Lina!!! My girls wait for me to get out of the shower just so they can lick my feet....ewwwww
Awwww... How could you possibily resist such a cute face as that??? :wink:
I'm not sure what is funnier...the pictures or the fact that you had a CAMERA in the shower....!!!!! :lol: :laughing5: :laughing5:
awww what a sweetie pie :D :lol:
Oh believe me, it's hard to resist that sweet face lol But I'm doing a good job lol...sorta :lol:

LOL I didn't have it in the shower, I was walking into the bathroom and she was sitting there looking at me. So I grabbed my cam and took a quick pic :) I could help myself lol

Jess- Lina looooves to lick my feet and the side of the tub. I used to wonder if maybe her water was icky or something, but then I's the same friggin' water lmao! Then I figured it was just cause she's my dog, and the family is weird over here lol
bathroom floor

That is so cute! I with Yoshi liked a bath :lol:
Lina is such a silly girl! She does that every morning? You have to give her points for persistence. :lol:
Jolie waits on me outside the shower every morning and does the "lickety lick lick" thing to my legs and feet as soon as i step out too. I guess she thinks she's helping to dry me off! :lol:
Cute :D
Bindi likes to lick my toes when I get out
aw i wonder what she would do one day if you put her in withyou lol
Yup, every morning she sees me getting my clothes ready to go in there and she's there before I am waiting lol.

luv4mygirls- I did one morning. She loved it! Mainly cause I put her down and she licked my toes lol.
mine lick my feet too when i come out of the shower :lol: they always want to jump with me in bath too ....they love bath-time!

kisses nat
Lina is so pretty! :wink:

What's with your chi's loving bath time???? Mine hate it! :x Mr. Peepers is very well behaved in there but he does not like it one bit. :lol:
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