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look what they sell at ebay !!

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i'm in love with it !!!!!
it says ; some nice people and their spoiled rotten chi's live here :D
i really want it to be in my hall-way ;..but i maxed out my CC :oops:

kisses nat
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OOOHHH...those are the cutest! I like the dish set a lot. now i'm on a mission to find one that says "Chico." :lol:
they make it on order !! so it can say any name you want !! and you can replace the dishes with any colour or aluminium !!

kisses nat
Those are great - whats the link to them :wave:
Those are so cute. I just bought new food and water bowls for Jasmine last week - they were so cute I couldn't resist. They're white with pictures of chis all around the outside. Would love to have one of the signs - do you have the link to them?
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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