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looking for 2 girl names for my new babies, any suggestions?

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hi everyone! my dog just had puppies, and i'm trying to find good names for them. I'm keeping one of them, and the other is going to my sister who has told me she can't think of any good names either, so I'm hoping you guys can help. I'm not really picky about what kind of name, but I have a 1 year old who is just learning to talk so it should be something easy to say. I already have 2 other chihuahua's (the parents) and they are Mr. beefy (I let my hubby name him, a mistake I won't be repeating, lol) and Phoebe. my husbands parents have 3 female chi's, named Roseanna, Sophia, and Bella, so those names are all out. the only names I've been able to come up with so far are Chiquita and Margarita, but I wanted to take my time and see if I could come up with anything else before I rushed into naming them, so any suggestions are appreciated.
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They're so cute!!!

I would go with classic female pair names... like Laverne & Shirley, Lucy & Ethel, Ginger and MaryEllen... but that's just me. What do I know? I named my dog Alice Cooper. LOL

Or, since you have the baby, you could pick two names from the kiddo's favorite books or movies that he or she knows already.
Or, since you have the baby, you could pick two names from the kiddo's favorite books or movies that he or she knows already.
LOL, I thought of that actually, but the only show he really likes is blue's clues, and I dunno if "magenta" and "blue" would be good chihuahua names. would be kind of interesting tho...
hmm... you could call them "maggie" and "boo" LOL
nawww, how cute would that be! lol, i love it. :)
dora and boots: dora the explorer
Sandy and Pearl: spongebob squarepants
Betty and Veronica: archie comics
Bambi and Thumper: Bambi (disney movie)
Betty and Wilma: Flintstones
Buttons and Bows
Cinnamon and Sugar
Dixie and Pixie
Hugs and Kisses
Nemo and Dory
Martini and Daquiri
Nice and Sweet
Nike and reebok
Peaches and Cream
Peanut Butter and Jelly
Pebbles and Bam Bam
Pooh and Piglet
Razzle and Dazzle
Rosemary and Thyme
Sugar and Spice
Tigger and Pooh

those are a bunch of cute pair names a few are meant to be one boy one girl but we can make them both girls (like nemo)<--- is a boy name but could be both.. i hope you like them
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thanks so much. i read these names to my sister over the phone and shes considering afew of them. we had thought of peaches before, as well as pixie and cinnamon, but we didn't think of the names that would go with them.
we've decided to think about it before we decide for sure but the ones we like most are:
dixie and pixie
maggie and boo
peaches and cream
martini and margarita (or tini and rita for short)
and my sister though of lolita and i think that would be cute with the other ones name being chiquita.
i'd love to hear any other suggestions, or what you guys think of those names! thanks again for helping us out! :)
JAYNE said:
Awww i like Bambi and Thumper: Bambi (disney movie)
thats so cute :D
awww me to me to
I like Maggie and Boo... because I came up with them. LOL

Actually, I really do like them. It's the pair, but given nicknames ... so it's not so "common". I think it's brilliant! I think *I* am brilliant!! I love me!!! :D
cooper is a little into himself...
lol just kidding

yea i love the names
glad a could help
let us know what you decide
cooper, you're so funny! :lol:
maggie and boo are brilliant nicknames for magenta and blue, you *are* brilliant! :)

anyway, we're still thinking, but i will be sure to let you know what we decide. these little girls are just too cute and sweet for words, i don't think i could have even thought of half of these names cause when you look at them, your brain just says "awwwww" and you can't think of anything else, lol.
well, my husband and i were talking about the names earlier, since my sister has decided she can't decide, and while we were arguing over chiquita & margarita (my husbands pick) or maggie and boo (my pick) my son started pointing at the playpen where the puppies are, and instead of just saying "a ba-bieee!" which is what hes been calling them, he says "chi-chi!" (we've been trying to teach him to say chihuahua for awhile now, lol) . so in my last ditch effort to win the argument with the hubby i told my son, "thats right, maggie and boo are chihuahuas!" so he says "a chi-chi an boo!" my husband decided that chi-chi could be a nickname for chiquita, and the other one will be boo. not quite the pair i was going for, but the kid likes it, my husband is happy, and the puppies have names. thanks again everyone for all your help!
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awww chiquita and boo.. thats cute.... hey if it works for you then it's good. and they are unique i doubt you'll find a pair with those names, good luck with your pups.
I was going to suggest Tequila lol but chichi and boo is too cute!
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