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looking for a chi-baby to spoil and love

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Hi everyone
I already posted before in the new members section about finding the perfect chi baby. My search for an older pup isn't going so well. I've checked the local shelters (and plan to again this weekend to see if there have been any new arrivals) and talked to breeders and it seems like no one has an older Chi pup for sale/rescue. I guess once people get ahold of these little guys they don't want to let them go...(which is great for the pups...but not for me).

Anyway, if anyone hears of any pups 6mos or older in need of a VERY loving home PLEASE PLEASE pm me! I'm in DC, but willing to drive a couple hours. I hope I get my new chi soon...I've been wanting a pup for so long and now that I can finally have one I don't want to wait any longer!
Thankfully I can live vicariously through all you ChiMoms and Dads that post pics! They are SOOOOOO cute!
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Have you checked the SPCA's web site?
I know I saw a bunch of older chis for adoption. Mostly I think they were in Virginia. Don't think that's too far of a drive for you.
Why dont you go to and put in your wants and area details it has hundreds of chihuahuas and chi x in all different areas in usa.There are so many beautiful babies its hard not to get upset. :(
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