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looking for a long haired male

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ok so it turns out as much as i perosnally cant get another baby right father has finally truly fallen hard and now tells me if i move out, if he doesnt have his own i cant take vixie with me...i laughed too untill i realized he was serious...
so now i undertake the task of finding a little man for him to love pamper and dote over...

must be long haired...and preferably primarily a fawn/red and a male, dunno why he just said he likes male dogs...fine by me.

if youve got any leads for me...

plus itll be nice for vixie to have a her sized playmate untill i can get a second chi baby!
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I have a long coated male for sale who is a chocolate colored. Hes about 2 years old and has all his papers and is up to date on all his shots. I live in ny and i belive you live in ct which isnt that far of a drive. He is house broken and knows basic comands. If interested call me at 518-129-2488.
im asking $250 for him or $275 if i travel to bring him to you
Sounds like a good match to me... if you're not that adamant about the color. And anyplace in CT is pretty close to Albany. :)
yeah sounds like a good match ...are there any pics?

kisses nat
Eh, everytime i try to post it, it says my file is to big and idk how to resize it lol :roll: If you want to see a picture of him email me [email protected] and ill send it to you.
.. I realyl need to find him a home quick. :(

Theirs a picture of him. THough the picture makes him look 30 lb, hes ony 10. just t to clarrifyt :wave:
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