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Looking for a playmate- Joey

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My Chi Joey is looking for a playmate. Preferably a female and young! Joey is my only Chihuahua and he is lonely. I dont want to mate them... I just dont want another male cause they are really hard to potty train and he is kinda dominate and I dont want them to not get along. If anyone has any info on where to even start looking on healthy chis for sale around the northeast area of Georgia... id appreciate it! Thanks.. cause I dont even know where to start looking...
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I wouldn't rule out another male all together if I were you. I may be partial to males but we have 3 males and haven't had any problems with them getting along. We have a dominant male and a entirely submissive male and one that falls in the middle. In my experience, it is the males who have a more docile and even temperment then the females. We actually had tried to add a female into our home and it was her who ended up going back to the breeder because of her attitude. We added another male and havent had a single problem.. Just passing my thoughts :lol: good luck in your search.

P.S. You didn't say if you were looking for a long or short coat?
You may want to go to and look at all the Chi for adoption. It is cheaper than going to a breeder and you are saving a life. Good luck in whatever you do.
I want a short haired... that kinda makes since about the males tho. But I will try online, i dont want to spend a ton of money... Thank you for your responses tho!
If you are still looking my friend's Chi is about to have pups in about 3-4 weeks... Thou we live in Florida and I do not know if you are willing to travel that far??
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