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For my new resolution I want to start eating healthier. Does anyone have any good easy recipes to share.

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I have 17 and 19 yr old boys. So I have to make things
they will eat. One thing I can get them to eat is roasted
vegetables. And its super easy.

Just spray a baking pan with zero fat spray, add your
fav veg and bake at 450 for 15-20mins.

Our fav is sweet potato fries cooked this way.

I slice them in quaters or a little thiner, and I use
seasoned salt on them. Spray the pan and lightly
spray the potatoes, in the oven they go.
These are very very good!

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Easiest healthy meal imo is boiled fish and boiled veggies. Super easy to make and to
digest, makes a great lunch or dinner. Mornings can be easy breezy too, just make
unflavored oatmeal and throw in some fruit. Eating healthy doesn't have to be hard,
just stay away from frying and overcooking things. Try to eat raw or boiled, without
cooking oil or butter in your diet you will see results that last. Eliminate or at least
limit bread, pasta and sugar, you will feel better physically and mentally. There
is a world of possibilities and recipes, it all depends on your personal taste really.
What do you like? What foods can you absolutely not live without? What foods
do you strongly dislike? Let me know and I'll see what recipes I could suggest to you. :)
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