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:wave: Hello, I am looking for a new puppy! My first in about four years!
I am in Missouri and am looking for a baby within driving distance as I don't want to fly it. I don't mind a days drive as I love to travel! :D

I'm in Missouri and if your a breeder with a web site please e-mail it to me at: [email protected] I am looking for a blue baby or a chocolate from blue parents.


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Yes, good luck and let us know how it goes! :wave:
Hello! I sent you an email about possibly rescueing a chi instead of purchasing one. Look at these two beautiful young small long coat chihuahuas looking for a home to love them in Kansas City, Missouri!

Scooby is so cute and "Mr. Personality. The foster mom wishes she could keep him! What a lucky person will be his adopter!:

Harley is adorable with gorgeous coloring. He is a cuddly little guy looking for love in a new home! :

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Oh wow, those are some very pretty boys! :wink:

I just want to say also that even older dogs can be great dogs. My Buster was 8 months old (still a puppy but older) when I got him and he is the BEST dog ever. He adjusted so well to our home. And when they are older they are past alot of frustrating puppy days and have such great personalities. :)
i wish we were able to resuce them better over here hardley any come into the rescues in the uk its a good thing in away BUT i wounder what really happens to the ones that are unwanted \?

I know there are a lot of breeders in your area.
Look here

and choose the breed and put in your zip code. You don't have to fill in all the other stuff, it works with just the zip code.
Contact this woman she is reasonably priced and will tell you who the parents are and show you their pedigree via net
Hi there and welcome!!! I am in Missouri too and I emailed you!! Good luck w/your search! Glad you found us!! :D
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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