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Hi everyone,
Thanks for viewing.
I was heartbroken to find out about a missing Chihuahua called Bailey in Falkirk, Scotland. He was lost on the 1st of January 2012 and is only 2 years old. £1000 reward for his safe return home.
Bailey was stolen, and other dogs have been reportedly stolen from gardens and cars in the same area Bailey was stolen from.
He could be anywhere in the UK now. Bailey is microchipped.
Please help!
Here is a link for more info and a printable poster:
DogLost - Lost: LIGHT FAWN AND WHITE Chihuahua Male In Scotland (FK5)
Find out more about Bailey and recieve updates or contact his owner via Twitter- Twitter
You can find more contact info and info on Bailey on the link.
Please help in any way you can- spread the word with radio stations, newspapers, social networking or, if you can, please print some posters which can be found on the link.
If I hear any news about Bailey I'll be sure to post in this thread. We have to stop whoever is doing this, and keep the UK's dogs safe!
Thanks again! :)
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